6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Hiring A Managed Data Center Service

Why Businesses Should Consider Hiring A Managed Data Center Service

If you are planning to start a business that is involved in anything related to technology, then it is possible that you will need a data center to manage all the data related to your company. And when it comes to deciding on the data center, you will be faced with two choices – an in-house team and a managed data center service. In this post, we will look at six reasons why your business will be better off choosing a managed data center service over the in-house option.

Minimal Upfront Expense

The biggest benefit of a managed data center is that your business can quickly have a top-notch, robust data center without investing any large sums of money. If you had tried to build a data center of your own inside the business premises, then you will have had to invest in new servers, computers, software, location etc. All these can easily add up to a big amount that would have eaten through your capital. But with a managed service, you simply need to hire them and only have to pay a recurring monthly fee. That’s it.  So, if you are just starting up your business, one of the best decisions you can take is to use managed data center services rather than spending money building an in-house data center.

Lower Operational Cost

In addition to requiring no investment, the overall monthly cost of operating a data center will also be lower. This mostly has to do with how big a company the managed service provider is. Managed service providers usually have numerous clients. As a result of which, they can distribute the investment and running cost of operating the data center over a large volume. Consequently, their charges will be cheaper. If you were to manage the data center in-house, then all the expenses like employee salaries, electricity, software license etc. would have added up to a big amount.

Easy Accounting

Accounting the cost of data center expenses is also much easier with a managed service. If you had chosen the in-house option, then you will have had to track every single expense related to the data center. This includes the salary of the employees, the electricity consumption, the repair costs, the expenses of software updates, and so on. To make matter more complex, some of the expenses are shared expenses which will make it even more difficult to properly track and account data center expenses. But if you hire a managed data center service, you will only have to account for one single cost – the monthly bill sent by the service. This is the process of accounting data center expenses.


With a managed data center, you have the power to scale your data needs quickly anyway you want. So, if your business suddenly has to deal with a large amount of data, then you just need to contact the managed service and inform them that you will need more space for working with your data. The team will quickly make available the necessary space. In contrast, if you had chosen to manage data in-house, then your business wouldn’t have been capable of dealing with sudden large volumes of data. And this is why it is better for companies, especially newer ones, to opt for a managed data center service like Secure Data Technologies.

Better Security

Your data will be far more secure in a managed data center than in your in-house center. This is because the managed service operated the data center on a large scale. And this ensures that they hire the best security people to keep all their client data safe. They will not only use the latest security technologies but will also have the best-in-class infrastructure to protect all data. And this is something your business might not be able to do.

Recovering Data After A Disaster

Natural disasters like earthquake, flood etc. can create havoc in your office building. In fact, the entire building can come crashing down, and the flood waters might enter the data center, destroying all servers. Every data about your business, customers, etc. can disappear forever. But if you choose a managed data center service, you can avoid such situations. Since such services always create backup copies of all data and store them in multiple locations throughout the world, you can be rest assured that your data will always be safe and readily available for access. Even if one data center gets destroyed by any disaster, you can access all your data from the backup server located at some other location.

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