Best Plugins for Improving WordPress Search Functionality

Best Plugins for Improving WordPress Search Functionality

When you are making your WordPress website, there are tons of things you think about such as hosting services, the themes to use, the widgets available and similar things, but one of the most important things that you need to do is to identify the ideal search plugin. A lot of people wonder why a search plugin is needed when there is already a default search engine on the WordPress site. Put simply, there are two reasons you do that; reduced bounce rates and a better user experience. The problem is that WordPress search does give results, but it is not able to deliver the specific and relevant type of content the user might be after.

Search is not something that WordPress is accurate at and your visitors might not be able to find what they we relooking for. Due to this poor functionality, visitors don’t have a very good experience thereby increasing bounce rates. Luckily, there are some good WordPress search plugins that can be used. The best ones are outlined below:


Touted as one of the top WordPress plugins for search, WordPress replaces the standard search with a more accurate, powerful as well as faster site search. With this plugin, you can provide your website with an excellent and optimized search experience that can aid them in immediately finding the information they require. The search can help in downsizing your WordPress server, reduce bounce rate and can be used on any site, whether small or large. You can find more information at WPSOLR.

  • SearchWP

This is a premium search plugin for WordPress that provides excellent support for custom post types, taxonomies and custom fields. You can make use of it for determining how much weight every content type gets when a search is conducted. One of the greatest things about this search plugin is that it gives you the option of creating supplemental search engines that only do a search a specific part of your website.

  • Swiftype Search

This is a beautiful search solution for your WordPress site and a ton of high-traffic websites make use of it. This tool can provide relevant search results by enabling you to customize their order through drag and drop. This can come in handy when you wish to place your most important pages and content at the top of results. Plus, if you want, additional results can also be added manually.

  • Relevanssi

Another one of popular plugins that offer search functionality on WordPress is Relevanssi. The best part about this plugin is that it gives search results customized according to relevance rather than date, hence the name. It can be useful for defining the weight of factors such as post factors and this can be quite handy when you wish to determine that’s important in search results. With the use of this plugin, visitors are able to search through tags, comments, custom fields and categories. Advanced filtering can also be used for adjusting search results as per the requirement.

Any of these tools can be used on a WordPress website for improving its search functionality.

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