Is Your Business Using the Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

Is Your Business Using the Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

Unlike any evolution or natural progression that’s ever happened on planet Earth – at least all such occurrences and phenomena that experts know about – the combination of the Internet and popular devices of access is evolving more rapidly than anything to ever show its proverbial face on the third rock from the Sun.

Since the first iPhone was released by Apple in 2007, smartphones have increasingly been used to browse the World Wide Web; today, mobile phones are used to browse the Internet more commonly than their bulkier desktop – laptops included, too – counterparts. Statistics indicate that, as of March 2018, more than 51 percent of all web pages loaded were done through the convenience of a handheld mobile device. Conversely, desktops and laptops were only responsible for roughly 44 percent of all page loads that same month.

OK, we get it – but what’s so important about the global preference shift from traditional computers to smartphones?

In plain English, the importance lies in marketing. It’s that simple.

Marketing, as it always has, boosts brand awareness, drives interest in lines of products or brands at large, and demonstrates business expertise to consumers; however, what’s different about modern, mobile-driven digital marketing is twofold:

  • First, digital marketing effectively encourages paying customers and potentially-interested consumers alike to actively engage with your business. Such engagement rears its beautiful, proverbial, five-star head through phone calls, emails, tagged posts on Twitter and similar sites, direct social media messages, website-based live chat logs… the list literally goes on, and on, and on, ad nauseam.
  • A second primary benefit of modern, mobile-heavy marketing is that it attracts traffic to both your company’s website and its social media pages; generates potential leads that are relatively easy to follow up on, all thanks to their easily-traced digital footprint; and generates sales in both an e-commerce capacity and in physical, old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar stores.

Now that the basis for today’s marketing campaigns is clear as day, let’s determine if your business is using the most effective marketing strategy available…

Because today’s worlds of business and marketing consistently change on a constant basis, the suitableness of your organization’s digital marketing strategy can only be determined on a relative basis: relative to your entity’s past performance, strategies of your closest competitors, and to the full potential of your staff and its non-human resources, and so on.

Ask yourself, your fellow co-workers, and your business as a whole the following questions to best evaluate the performance of your organization’s marketing endeavors.

1. Does your current campaign’s quantitative performance metrics exceed those of past campaigns and their respective strategies?

Because the success of a marketing strategy is so subjective, you should make sure to compare it to past performances.

2. Have you compared your marketing to industry competitors?

Doing well in marketing is, quite literally, all about relativity, relativity, and more relativity.

3. How are your conversions looking?

If your marketing strategy has proven itself as persuasive, your company’s conversions should be greater than ever before.

Let’s put it all together

Succeeding in any function of business is never a walk in the proverbial park. However, by answering the above questions one at a time with your entire entity’s team present, your business – as a holistic, all-encompassing, whole unit – can best evaluate its current marketing strategies.

Make certain to utilize the power of digital marketing metric trackers to most appropriately evaluate your entity’s performance. It’d be silly to throw the potential of so much information away by not capturing it, wouldn’t it?

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