With Cloud Moolah, Blockchain and Game Development Go Hand-In-Hand

With Cloud Moolah, Blockchain and Game Development Go Hand-In-Hand

It used to be that the only video games that you could buy came from major publishers like Nintendo, Sega or Capcom. The games themselves came either on cartridges or discs. The very idea of being able to download a game directly to your own device seemed to be nothing more than a dream.

Times have definitely changed. The proliferation of smartphones and the rise of independent game developers has completely altered the way consumers around the globe buy and play their games.

In 2016 alone, mobile games generated $40.6 billion in revenue. Even major systems like the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 allow consumers to digitally download independent games, further increasing the commercial potential for fledgling developers.

Despite this seeming rise of independent games, the truth of the matter is that many indie developers continue to struggle to make a profit. While some of the trouble can certainly be attributed to marketing challenges, another major obstacle is the lack of a unified payment platform. It’s hard to reach a global audience when your game is only available to users with a credit card.

This is where Cloud Moolah seeks to make a difference. By integrating blockchain technology in the gaming world, this innovative platform seeks to level the playing field for independent developers and make it easier than ever for them to get their games into the hands of avid fans.

Breaking Barriers With Blockchain

While many independent game developers focus on a U.S. audience, many of the most successful games have taken a more global approach. Regions like Southeast Asia are seeing gaming grow at a remarkable pace — in fact, the area is expected to have 250 million online gamers generating $2.4 billion in mobile gaming sales by 2021.

Of course, financial accessibility continues to be a problem in these regions. Smartphone users are unlikely to use platforms like the Apple App Store because these stores require credit cards — something only a tiny minority of the population has. Even more problematic, currency conversion and processing fees often greatly limit how much profit developers can make from these international sales.

Cloud Moolah helps developers and gamers sidestep this problem by using blockchain technology to facilitate purchases. Rather than requiring credit card or bank information to make a payment, Cloud Moolah accepts payment options that are actually used by local residents, such as prepaid cards, top-up cards and cryptocurrencies.

Differences in currencies, transfer processing fees and other barriers that so often impede international gaming purchases are no longer an issue when everything is processed through the blockchain. This allows individuals in developing countries who may not have access to a bank account or credit card to make the purchases they desire — including video games.

By using blockchain technology to power video game purchases, Cloud Moolah makes it so more international gamers can buy new games for their devices — which also greatly increases revenue opportunities for developers.

A Streamlined Platform

Cloud Moolah isn’t merely focused on helping gamers and developers get past the payment barriers associated with international purchases. By partnering with major game engines like Unity and international game publishers and payment platforms like UniPin, True Digital Plus and VTC Online, Cloud Moolah aims to provide a system that makes it easier than ever for developers to get their games to consumers.

Each of these partnerships further enhances Cloud Moolah’s ability to use blockchain technology to deliver payments to developers. Games are served by genre to consumers through the platform’s MOO Store. User behavior data is collected and then monetized so earnings can be transferred directly to the game developers.

Marketing concerns are also eliminated. Smart technology analyzes gamer behavior to supply a steady stream of custom curated content to consumers. This way, a great puzzle game won’t be missed by puzzle fans simply because it is buried under other listings in the app store.

Because the MOO Store serves this content directly to targeted consumer groups, developers’ games are far more likely to be discovered, played and shared.

Because data is recorded using blockchain technology, user behavior and sales information are fully transparent so developers can trust they are being compensated appropriately. Developers won’t just get their games to more gamers; they’ll also increase their earnings thanks to blockchain’s elimination of processing fees and other expenses.

This streamlined process for uploading and selling games, as well as receiving payments, ensures that developers can get the funding they need to continue producing quality content. 

Getting Games to the People

Blockchain technology is here to stay, helping consumers around the globe complete transactions with greater ease and simplicity than ever before. With the help of Cloud Moolah, independent game developers will be better equipped to take advantage of this exciting technology.

All those hours of programming and tinkering to get the game exactly right won’t go to waste. By reaching a global audience, developers will be able to increase revenue and make a living doing what they truly love.

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