How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps in the Financial Sector

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps in the Financial Sector

The financial sector is changing so rapidly that the systems that govern it today are radically different from what we had about a decade ago. The spreading web of technological tools, complex marketing mechanisms and relationships is redefining the industry in a manner that has found a momentum of its own.

As the industry becomes more and more consumer-centric, a crucial part of this change are the Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants. Using various Microsoft tools and software, these experts have redesigned our approach towards consumers and partners. This is not surprising. In a way, the CRM is tailor made to meet the unique emerging challenges of the financial industry.

Before we see the role of CRM consultants, let us understand some of the challenges faced by the industry today.

Limited growth

Although it is slowly coming out of the 2008 crisis, the financial industry is still in something of a rut for now. The goeth has not been in increasing clients. Rather it is about creating enduring relationships and making them more profitable.

Rising client expectations

The modern client is highly informed and demanding. With global exposure and businesses, clients want and expect top-notch service at any given time of the day.

Multi-dimensional service

Financial services like banking are now on-the-go. With multiple devices (tab, phone, laptop and the ATM) creating an access, services are forced to become multi-dimensional.

Integration of diverse applications

Like everything today, financial applications also have their own apps. The problem lies with the many applications that are used today and their integration.

Compliance with changing regulation

In case of corporations that extend beyond one nation, this challenge is further complicated by the different laws, rules and regulations in their markets. Simplifying and standardization of complex operational systems.

Absorbing the complex and highly technical tools in service today. These include tools like Big Data and Cloud.

The changing dynamics in the market together with emerging technology has created many of these challenges and Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants have been instrumental in resolving some of these problems. Let’s look at some critical ways in which CRM has helped change the financial sector.

Relationship mapping

The multiplicity of devices and geographic contact points with clients has created an increasingly complex consumer relationship. Data gathers at multiple points and this should be accessible at one point at a moment’s notice. Add to this the need to avoid duplication and streamlining of data mining. Microsoft CRM with its wide applicability has been instrumental in this.

Activity tracking

Financial services carry out at multiple platforms, from onsite visits to various devices. There are also multiple teams in it. We need a software that can help in tracking all the teams, their activities, while offering them the flexibility of working independently. Microsoft dynamics CRM gives the industry a collaborative tool that gives them the flexibility of independence with inter-dependence.

Consumer dashboard

The financial sector often deals with clients with multiple interests, divisions and products. The consolidation of such diverse businesses into one single profile is challenging because the touch points take such a vast area, in terms of revenue, geography and character.

The Microsoft CRM tools are ideal in devising a single profile of the consumer, across different applications and platforms. We can create a consumer dashboard, a simple dashboard with an easy and accessible user interface. Also, this can significantly improve our understanding pif the client, their expectations, while bringing lightening efficiency into our own back processes.

Bringing automation

We are in the era of instant access where information and services must be available at the touch of a button. We need software that can automate certain critical functions like access to account information, while creating an automatic alert system that can warn us of any discrepancies.

This is critical in bringing efficiency and restricting the possibility of any fraud. Also, Microsoft CRM has the tools to achieve just this. As a result, it automates regular and simple functions, while setting up a system of alarms that can trip whenever there is a suspicious activity.


The financial industry is changing rapidly as it faces unique challenges due to changing market forces and technology. The Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants have been the preferred agents to help the industry through this change.

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