The Best Storage Solutions For Your Commercial Van

The Best Storage Solutions For Your Commercial Van

Van Storage accessories create more space in your van and enable you better utilize your van. However, each van owner has unique storage needs. This means that the storage system designed and installed will be different.

Here are van storage units for commercial vans for you to consider.

Shelving Units

Like the name suggests, these are shelves that are attached to the body of your van. Their contour enables the shelves to fit within the curved body of a van. They help to maximize the space by creating more storage area protruding from your wall.

The shelves are designed professionally depending on need and customer preferences. Protrusion from the wall towards the center of the van varies in length depending on the items that will be transported. The edges of the shelves must have stoppers to protect the items on the shelves from falling off. A shelf may cover the entire length of the van or maybe feature compartments of different sizes. Notably, these shelves are not covered on the top. This makes it easy to retrieve the tools or items being transported from the vehicle.

The shelves may be made of different materials. Steel remains the most popular material for use in shelving because it is durable and blends well with materials used to construct the body of these vans. It is also strong enough to handle knocking by these tools and equipment, some of which could be weighty and sharp.

The shelves may be fixed or foldable to create room whenever they are not in use. Enclosing or fastening mechanisms are included in the design and installation of shelves to protect whatever items you are transporting. Professional installation will ensure that your shelves do not pose a danger to you or other road users while you are in transit.

Enclosed Van Storage Boxes

Enclosed boxes allow you to conceal the goods on transit better than when you are dealing with shelves. You can also separate different items and also protect them from tampering or exposure to elements. They come in the form of drawers and chests, some of which are fixed while others are flexible.

Cabinets and drawers are examples of enclosed storage facilities. These units must be smaller to accommodate closing. While some features a locking mechanism, it is not mandatory. However, it enhances security and transit of goods being transported.

Enclosed boxes are made of different materials. Steel remains a popular option because it is strong and will last longer. Steel is also easy to design in order to achieve flexibility. It works well with the body of most trucks and vans. Steel is, however, more expensive than aluminum, wood and other composite materials. Aluminum is preferred whenever you need to transport light goods. It might not be durable and will not withstand bombarding from shifting tools and goods.

The secret to having the best-enclosed storage for your van is professional design and installation. Choose materials that fit the goods you will be transporting. You should also consider the cost and long-term service. Wood and composite material are less noisy and more affordable options.


Cabinets are an option whenever you want 100% protection of your goods in transit. This is an excellent option when transporting highly sensitive goods and documents. You can control and restrict access to these items at will.

The cabinets come in different designs and shapes. They can be permanently fixed on your vehicle or fastened using different mechanisms for easy removal on demand. Cabinets come with enhancements to protect the items stored there. They include anti-weather protection elements that prevent water from getting to the items stored.

Cabinets for installation on vans can be made of different materials. Most van owners prefer steel which is strong and durable. It offers the best value for money considering that it is not easy to break into the cabinets and will withstand knocking by tools or items as the vehicle swerves from one side to the other. Other options available include wood, aluminum, and composite. The choice you make should enable you to safely transport your goods and guarantee security.

Other van storage units available include drawers and slide-out shelves. They make removal of items stored easier but require more space and materials. The integrity of any storage solution will depend on design and installation. Choose personalized features in line with your needs. The budget for quality storage solutions to avoid compromise that may affect the efficiency of the storage units and deny you value for money.

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