7 Key Benefits of Using Drones for Aerial Videography and Photography

7 Key Benefits of Using Drones for Aerial Videography and Photography

If you want clear, sharp, and detailed videos and photographs, then you should consider using drones. These devices have made capturing stunning and beautiful aerial pictures and videos easier than ever before. They are now replacing manned helicopters and airplanes in the filming and new broadcasting industry. Here are a few benefits of drones in aerial photography.


Because of their size, drones can be used to fly into areas that seemed impossible before. These devices can fly a few centimeters off the ground and over 300 feet in the air. They allow users to pane and frame a choose subject or location with ease. In addition, drones give the operator total control whether you want to rotate on a single spot or move from right to left in order to get an ideal shot.

Saves time

The team required to operate a drone is usually small and includes the camera operator and the pilot. This means that once they get to the site, they can easily set up everything within minutes. Regardless of the weather conditions, the team can land the drone and wait for an opportunity to get the best shot. This time-saving factor is something that you can never achieve with manned aircraft.

Minimal interference

Drones in video production and photography have little or no interference. This can be an important factor, especially when taking videos and you want to eliminate any background noise. Drones tend to produce very little noise, this is unlike helicopters that are very noisy. Drones can be used in aerial photography and videography because they are more peaceful and ideal for sites that require minimal disturbances, for example, near animals.


Drones can easily be used in areas where using an airplane or helicopter is not feasible. Drones can easily be operated in tight locations and indoors to get you the best images and videos. Since it is small in size, the possibilities for aerial drone photography and filming are endless. You can easily fly through low altitudes, close to livestock and even buildings with ease.

Full HD quality

Technological advances mean that drones can shoot images and videos in full HD. This means that you can capture amazing aerial footages with 4K resolutions or higher without sacrificing quality. With drone videos and pictures, you will get a superior quality that can be compared to none.

Zero carbon emissions

With drone technology, you can save the planet because these devices produce zero carbon emissions. Drones are electrically or battery powered and provide a more environmentally friendly alternative to aerial filming using helicopters or fixed-wings. On average, the traditionally manned helicopters will burn about 129 liters of fuel per hour and this results in carbon emissions that can be damaging to our planet.


Drones have made aerial footages to be easily accessible to everyone and extremely affordable. You no longer have to hire expensive helicopters that cost thousands of dollars and utilize lots of fuel. All you need now is a drone operator who is professionally trained and a commercial drone for you to take awesome photos and videos.

Drones have a variety of applications. Drones can be used in news broadcasting and film production. They can also be applied in other industries like farming, real estate, construction, corporate, and even sports. There is immense potential in the use of drones in different industries and businesses today.

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