10 Ways to Avoid Electrical Mishaps

The last thing you would want to face in your home is an electrical mishap. Half-finished jobs, low quality materials and untrained electricians can lead to problems of unimaginable magnitude. This makes it crucial to hire a professional electrical engineering service for all your electrical needs. Here are a few things you can do if you wish to keep away from electrical hazards.

Always hire only licensed electricians

No matter how small or big the job is, it is always better to hire a licensed electrician who has all the knowledge and expertise in electrical engineering. It is important to follow electrical safety codes anduse high quality wiring while doing electrical jobs.

Use GFCI at every plug-in point

You will have to make sure the electrician that you hire installs GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles at each and every plug-in point of your home.

Make sure the extension cords you use are safe

Cracked, knotted, torn, or abraded extension cords are a big no-no if you want things to be safe. Such cables can not only cause conductor damage, they can also lead to fires that could take lives.

Look out for unseen electrical lines

Before cutting through a wall, ceiling or floor, you should always check for electrical wiring if any. Making contact with an unseen electrical line, while holding a tool, can lead to mishaps.

Inspect your power tools regularly

Always make sure your power tools are safe and free from any kind of damages. If you come across any kind of smoke, burning smell, or shock on contact, you should discontinue using that tool immediately.

Make sure your insulated tools are not damaged

When insulated hand tools get nicked, cut or cracked, theycan become electrical conductors. You should check for such damages before every use to avoid any risks of injuries.

Refrain from modifying electrical plugs

Filing down blades, removing ground pins, or doing any modifications to your electrical plugs so as to make them fit into the sockets can only increase chances of electrocution, shock or fire. Get the plug changed by a certified electrician who has been trained in electrical engineering.

Keep your extension cords safe

Stepping on or driving over extension cords can turn them into electrical conductors that can increase the chances of electrical hazards. Since most such damages may not be obvious to the eye, itis always better to guard your extension cords using some heavy-duty cord covers.

Always keep your electrical components dry

Mixing electricity with water can be a really bad idea. You would want to keep your cables and power tools absolutely dry when they are not in use. Never use your tools in a wet environment. Always keep your outdoor receptacles covered.

Make sure you are using the right extension cord

Before plugging in an extension cord, you should always check its wattage. The wattage rating should be greater than the power requirement of the equipment that it is powering. Else it can lead to overheating, conductor strain, or even fire.

Having a professional electrical engineering service do your electrical jobs for you can minimize or even eliminate risks of injury. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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