3PL Or 4PL Which Is The Better Option? Concept Explained

3PL Or 4PL Which Is The Better Option? Concept Explained

Today, businesses get more complex and they go through with the high competitive situation. Almost all business personalities are getting the same threat from the changing business atmosphere. Almost all are much aware about the fast moving business scenario. At this time, business process outsourcing is known as the best beneficial option for maximum companies. Different organization outsources part of their operation for many reasons. These benefits are mainly, to get reduced cost, improving operation, overcoming from the lack of operational capabilities and gaining competitive advantage and different benefits that are both tangible and intangible.

If you are involved with a business, you may notice that, outsourcing can be used in different parts of the business. Most of the companies outsource their service which is not related to their core operation. For instance, if there is a software company, it will face severe issues if it’ll suddenly steer to accounting business. This is the reason, that part can be outsourced to other companies those have a longer period of experience with them.

The same thing is applied to logistic part of the company. It is true that, there is a revolution in E-commerce and it is entirely depend on the logistic. A dependable logistic service will make that thing better and more popular. Suppose, a customer has booked a product from any E-commerce company and if he won’t get that on right time, there is no value. So in this condition a dependable logistic service will make this job smoother. While you are involving a business which, depending on the logistic service, but its core business is not focused on it, then it would be wise to outsource the logistic service to any other companies those have potential to carry on this job perfectly without any hassle. Today, maximum companies will opt for 3PL or 4PL logistics service for their business operation.

Comparison between 3PLs and 4PLs

Someone can find a number of differences between 3PLs and 4PLs. These are mentioned below.


3PL and 4PL services have been defined mainly for responsibility. This is the major differing factor between them. If you will evaluate from the client’s point of view, 4PL takes more ownership and responsibility compared to 3PL. It has firm control of the service which is associated with them. 4PL always takes more control compared to the 3PL on its service and client assessment. It contains all aspects of supply chain along with managing transportation and even managing and evaluating large amounts of data which are responsible to displace the product for which they were owed for.

When the time comes for cross-docking and moving the product, they all are liaising with the 3PL logistics companies or different type of maritime forwarding companies to get the work done.

All these services are meant to meet the client’s requirement and this is not only make these things better, but also takes care the other services those are associated with the logistics business.


There is also a lot of difference can be found in functionally of both of these strategies. 3PL mainly targets a solo function and mainly takes care of the client’s interest. But, 4PL embedded with technology along with smart resource and sometimes different support from 3 PLs from the entire supply chain for the management of the client.

Effect on performance

The basic of 4PL is completely depending on client’s operational requirement. The client also relies on different data from the equal business decisions. Now we got the conclusion that, 3PL mainly supports the entire logistic system and on the other hand 4PL involved with the diverse business performance. While choosing the right service for your business needs, you should thoroughly research about these services.

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