4 Branding Strategies You Might Not Be Using

Old but gold

As the foundation of every great brand’s success, powerful strategies range from those that can apply to companies of all sizes, to those that are trendy only at a given moment. However, every company strives to create such a strong brand that their approach will outlast any temporary fads in the industry and remain at the top of the food chain.

Among those many timeless tactics, the following four are somewhat overlooked by modern brands even though they have a long-standing tradition of success, and you can use them to grow your own business even more.

1.      Strive for harmony

As soon as companies start approaching clients, no matter the channel, they focus on quality and uniqueness, both of which are truly important, especially today. However, some of them fail to keep one aspect of their strategy in union, and that is their consistency. If your voice on Facebook is recognizably yours, the same should apply to all other social media platforms, your email campaigns, and this is the language that should greet your website visitors, as well.

Consistent brand presentation in voice, imagery, design, and delivery is crucial not just in appealing to the right kind of audience, but maintaining that appeal. Consistency is the main fuel of trust and loyalty. But don’t mistake consistency with monotony – infuse your brand with innovation, and that will be another quality that’s a part of your brand identity.

2.      A touch of emotion

Remember the Coca Cola slogan “taste the feeling”? Or the empowering Always ad with an equally impressive hashtag #LikeAGirl? Although not every brand can use puppies and kittens as part of their commercial strategy, there are many ways to tap into your audience’s emotions through imagery, language, and other accompanying material (the music in the Always ad is a good example).

In the same way that Apple represents courageous creativity, and Always contributes to an equality cause, your own brand can find its place and strive to awaken key emotions in its customers. And if you think that a simple cleaning product cannot possibly use emotions to connect and sell, just look at Procter & Gamble’s incredible ad on Olympic athletes and, actually, their moms who paved their way to success.

3.      Old but gold

Chasing after the latest digital gimmick you can use to elevate your brand is practically synonymous with innovation in branding. No matter how many novel strategies come out and steal the spotlight, there will always be those offline methods that every brand can utilize to establish an even more meaningful relationship with their audience.

Organizing product launch events where you give out samples is a great way to connect, while creating branded promotional products in Australia is a tried and tested way to give something of value to your customers and gain infinitely more visibility and recognition. It can be something practical, like an umbrella, or of greater emotional value like a photo frame, but in any case, it has the same effect in any industry.


4.      Teach through your content

Once again, businesses aim to create content of high quality, especially online, where the noise is only going to grow, making it close to impossible to stay noticed. Plus, there will always be another competitor emerging and trying their best to make their own content rank better than yours. However, in all the SEO struggle and following trends, the one thing to remember is to use that content for a purpose.

People are there in order to find a solution to a specific problem, and if you keep giving them generic, useless, but well-ranked information, they will not be able to connect with your brand on a deeper level. And your content will fade from their memories as soon as they click that back button. That is why your content in any form, video, blogs, podcasts, infographics, you name it, should be created to teach your customers and offer them real value.

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