4 Most Popular Crypto Influencers to Follow

4 Most Popular Crypto Influencers to Follow

This is the age of the internet and the concept of ‘influencer’ has become a crucial part of the market across different business segments. Sometimes, a business sees an increase in patrons simply because someone famous has chosen to talk about it or even recommend it. From hospitality to fashion and even restaurants, people seem to want to follow what celebrities and other famous people choose to do. As social media has become such an integral part of our lives, it has become easier than ever to follow the direction and leadership of these influencer figures. The world of cryptocurrency has also been affected by this change and there are a number of influencers who have begun to shape investor sentiment in this market.

Influencers are the individuals who are able to get people to engage with a business simply due to their pedigree in the society or market niche. This allows them to influence a large majority. As far as the cryptocurrency market is concerned, these influencers are creators, developers, bloggers and also CEOs of major crypto-based businesses amongst others. The top crypto influencers are mentioned below:

Nick Szabo

A lot of people still believe that Nick Szabo is Satoshi Nakamoto; the mysterious man behind Bitcoin. But, he has always denied it. Nevertheless, he remains a colossal figure not just in the cryptocurrency market, but also in the world of digital currency. He is the one who came up with the term ‘smart contract’ and they have become an important part of the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. He graduated from Washington University and is an expert in blockchain programming language, cryptography and cryptocurrency architecture. His influence has reached such heights that a subunit of ether has been named after him.

Juthica Chou

The President and co-founder of a Bitcoin futures trading platform called LedgerX, Juthica Chou graduated from MIT and has a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Last year in July, her company received approval from the CFTC. Now, she is at the forefront of ensuring the mass adoption of Bitcoin trading in the worldwide financial market. She has had experience in Wall Street, which has enabled her to create an environment that allows an inflow of institutional money in the cryptocurrency market.

Barry Silbert

He founded the DCG (Digital Currency Group) and also serves as its CEO. His company is heavily involved in investing and seeding in blockchain-based enterprises and also manages crypto investment portfolios for various clients. Apart from DCG, he is also the founder and CEO of Grayscale Investments and is also involved in Ethereum trusts and CoinDesk. He graduated from Emory University and has substantial investments in Bitcoin and other altcoins. He shares his insight into the altcoin market with people via Twitter and is considered an important figure for knowing which of them are worth investing in.

Erik Voorhees

One of the earliest adopters of the cryptocurrency market, Erik has been involved in it since 2011. He is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. He started his journey as BitInstant’s Head of Marketing and in 2012, he co-founded Coinapult and ShapeShift after two years. Today, he is ShapeShift’s CEO and the company is known as the provider of the quickest swap platform for cryptocurrency in the world. Erik enjoys sharing his experience and wealth of knowledge with everyone. His Twitter feed is a goldmine for a lot of valuable and useful information regarding the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain tech industry as a whole.

Follow these crypto influencers and you will be able to stay on top of the market.

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