How To Choose The Best Corporate Event Venue In NYC For An Unforgettable Party

How To Choose The Best Corporate Event Venue In NYC

Two of the most important decisions an event planner can take and which will affect the outcome of his organizing efforts are the location and the event venue in NYC that he chooses. The diversified menu and entertainment activities are also important factors for a successful party, but the location and event hall set the general framework of the party. They influence the experience of your guests more than any other factor from the beginning of the party to the end.

In addition, renting an event hall is the main expense, food and beverages complementing it. Thus, the location will not only influence the experiences of the event participants but will also consume much of the budget allocated to it, weighing a lot in making the right decision. For this reason, we support all those looking for solutions with a comprehensive guide that includes the most important criteria for choosing a meeting place for successful events.

Budget allocated to event spaces

Cost is often the main factor that people use when they consider or exclude a particular location or event space. One thing is certain: the rental price of the location must be within the selected percentage of the total budget allocated to the event.

Space specifications

These include aspects such as the space / capacity of the event room (including lobby and exhibition space if you are planning a meeting or convention, not a party), loading / unloading facilities and technical capabilities such as lighting.

Availability of the day

This factor is almost self-explanatory, but it is a good idea to have more options for days or hours in mind or at least to be somewhat flexible on the day / hour of the event before you begin to review the available options of event rooms so do not immediately limit the number of places you can consider.

Security factors

A factor often neglected but very important is represented not only by the staff employed to ensure the security of a meeting place or party but also other aspects such as the security system at the entrance to the premises and limitation of access to the guest room only / participants. Other groups that use the location where the event room is located.

If you are planning a presentation project with speakers and video projectors, you probably do not want a wedding party to disturb your event. So, make sure that the simultaneous events at the chosen corporate event venue (or even nearby) will not conflict or interrupt your organized event.

Customer service of the location

The event hall should not only meet your needs before the event, but also have the appropriate support staff at that corporate event venue during the event to respond to your needs and requests and event participants.

Parking and location near the means of transport

Choosing an event room that includes parking spaces and being close to the means of transport that event participants can access are important factors.


Ask others about their experiences in the event room you want to rent to make sure they have a good reputation. See more here.

These are the most important factors you need to keep when choosing an event room that will provide you with everything you need to organize a successful event. As a general rule, if it is an event for the general public, communication must be both ante and post-event, as well as during it. Take advantage of the existing technologies and of their benefits to the fullest. Events are socially superior, so do not hesitate to interact with your audience, whether you’re doing it with a simple Facebook photo album, a Twitter hashtag, or a mobile application dedicated to the event.

Whether it’s a private party or a webinar, you’ll need to know exactly what will happen at every moment of the event. Who are the guests, who are the speakers, who are the representatives of the press and what role each of them has in the event. The program chosen will depend on the nature of the event and its objectives.

The moments of an event must be consistent and harmonious, so that the overall experience of the participants is a pleasant one. Events do not have to wander and create confusion but must delight and seduce.

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