How to Choose a Hammer Drill That Best Fits Your Needs

How to Choose a Hammer Drill That Best Fits Your Needs

A hammer drill is an essential household tool for repair and maintenance for which calling a technician is not always economically feasible. Cordless hammer drills are not only portable and easy to maneuver; they can do a number of jobs for you, including heavy-duty drilling.

The task of choosing a hammer drill that best fits your needs and budget is a daunting task. So here is an insight into three essential features of cordless hammer drills.

But, first, what does a cordless drill really do?

A hammer drill performs two tasks: drill holes and drive screws. This power tool can effortlessly drill holes into dense materials such as concrete and stone as well the lighter materials such as tile, lumber and brick walls. The top-notch models are highly powerful and are best used for commercial purposes by contractors and technicians.

Hammer drills come in both standard (corded) and battery-operated (cordless) models. Cordless tools have their own unique advantages, such as ease of use and portability; therefore, we recommend that you choose a cordless model when buying your first drill.

Types of hammer drills

Rotary hammer drill: As the name suggests, this tool is fitted with parts that rotate while you use the drill. The combined force of hammering and rotating functions pushes the drill forward helping it blast through the toughest of surfaces with ease.

Demolition hammer drill: These are high-powered drills best suited to demolish concrete structures.

Combination hammer drill: These drills are engineered to do the twin jobs of drilling as well as breaking through dense surfaces.

A good approach is to compare cordless drills available on the market to get a fair idea of the different features and price points.

Key features of hammer drills


Drill speed is the speed at which the drill bit spins. Buy a hammer drill that has more than one speed setting. This will enable you to adjust the speed of the drill according to the material you’re working on. The best hammer drills available today are equipped with multiple speed settings.


The capacity (ampere hours or Ah) and the voltage (V) are the two essential factors that determine the performance of the battery. Top models have battery capacity of 5 Ah (or more) and voltage strength of 18V. Choose a hammer drill that comes with a lithium-ion battery if you have a concern for the environment.

Operation modes

If you’re looking for a versatile product that can be adapted to do different jobs, invest in a good hammer drill that can work in different modes, namely, only hammering, only rotation, and a combination of the two.

Of course, you wouldn’t know how long a hammer drill will last unless you buy and use one. We recommend that you buy a cordless hammer drill from a trusted brand known to produce high-quality products. Do your research after listing important factors such as the purpose for which you’re buying, the expected frequency of usage, and your budget.

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