Common Pitfalls in Sales Promotion That You Must Avoid

Sales Promotion

The sheer reach and effect of an accurately planned sales promotion is amazing. Customer behavior can be highly influenced resulting in great sales. Even though sales promotion has been a great tool for companies to attract customers, it can also go against them. In case the sales promotion procedure is not planned in a perfect manner, it could negatively affect a brand and business. Hence, creating a sales promotion plan is almost like balancing on a rope. One mistake can cost a company dearly. Avoiding mistakes is as good as making a progressive step. Here are some common pitfalls in sales promotion that all companies must avoid. 

Focusing only on a single channel 

To get best results of the sales promotion activity that essentially takes up a major share of a company’s capital, it is essential that the sales promotion manager exploits all the channels of advertisement and promotion available to him. The present progress of print, AV and digital media proposes an attractive union to discover unlimited chances to boost a company’s sales and brand value. For marketers who are confused on how to achieve such an attractive amalgamation, it is advisable that they frequent insightful websites such as Salespromotions.Org where there are in-depth articles discussing ways to merge the 7Ps of marketing through media exploitation.   

Not setting an achievable deadline 

Initiation of a sales promotion program short of a set and achievable deadline or quantifiable goal will definitely result in disappointment. It is crucial that the promotion team sets a fixed start date and end date to rationalize their labors to finish the whole task within the specified time period. This also helps in keeping each and every constituent of the program on track. Additionally, fixed goals and time periods also help in measuring the success of a campaign. 

Presuming the customer’s behavior  

For a sales promotion manager, there is only one point that can be presumed – It is more than likely that a gainful share of clients falls under the segment where the sales promotion efforts have not been directed to. It is crucial that the promotional efforts are created to be flexible. If the results don’t work out, the plan should be changeable.  

Not keeping it simple 

A simple sales proportional plan is advantageous both for the customer and for the company itself. Firstly, the average customer is unable to grasp the essence of a complicated marketing program. Secondly, a simple sales promotional campaign makes it extremely easy and efficient for the company to capture, handle and process the information for result breakdown and profit analysis. 

Not being relevant 

Not being relevant and up to the customer’s expectations in terms of approach is one of the biggest mistakes a sales campaign can make. It hinders the fluent flow of information required for a healthy course of communication between the customer and the brand.  

Simply by avoiding these common pitfalls in sales promotion, the marketer can consider half the job to be done. The rest lays on innovation and hard work throughout the campaigns.  


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