How To Convert Marketing Efficiency To Business Growth

How To Convert Marketing Efficiency To Business Growth

Leads alone won’t keep your business afloat. Leads are useless if they can’t be converted to sales which is one of the determinants of growth in a business. To be able to convert your leads to actual sales, here are a few things you should do:

Be valuable

If you haven’t figured it out yet, products and services are patronized because of the value they give to the consumer. What is your business’ value? What does it give that makes your customer want to use your product or service? If you don’t have an answer for this yet, then you should start looking at your business and look for a reason why you, in the first place, would want to spend money on what you’re offering.

FMCG companies give comfort and convenience to its customers, telecommunication companies give means of communication and connection, amusement parks offer happiness and adventure. What can your business offer that will convince people that they need you?

Create an FAQ page

Creating an FAQ page has two main benefits. The first benefit is that people who end up at your site will have a more in-depth view of your business. Their common questions will be answered and when written well, the FAQs page can convince them even more about how good your business is.

The second benefit is that it convinces your leads to make a sale. A well-written FAQ will give an idea of how you treat your customers and if they feel that you are always willing to welcome them, then they just might buy from you.

Give freebies or discounts

Everybody loves freebies and sales. To add a little push to your leads, offer a freebie or a discount that will immediately show when they visit your site.

If you’re worried that your profits will decrease once you offer incentives, then think about the opposite scenario where you offer no incentives and no lead converts to a sale. Obviously, the first one is better. Besides, discounts need not be too much nor freebies too extravagant. Giving something extra goes a long way no matter what size.

Constantly follow up with your leads

This simple yet very effective technique speeds up the waiting process for your leads to decide. When you ask your leads outright if they’re going to buy or not, most of them will say yes (because of pressure or because you reminded them). For whatever reason, you were still able to make a sale.

Don’t be pushy

Even though it takes confidence and persuasion to persuade a person to buy your product, it’s best to remember to not be too pushy. Being pushy might just push your leads away because they would feel that you’re being forceful.

Some advice: when your leads are listening and inquiring, make the most out of it and talk to them with ease guided by reassurance. You want your customer to feel comfortable so that they won’t feel forced or frustrated users in the long run. It’s okay to be excited and straightforward, just make sure that you couple it with the right marketing so that your business will still be seen in a good light.

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