Planning Office Move-7 Ways Move Smoothly

Planning Office Move-7 Ways Move Smoothly

When it comes to moving your office, it can have many benefits. Obviously, you must have thought it through, and are moving for more space, or to get more customers. The real problem arises when it is the ‘moving day’, which can be stressful not to mention complex. Since you will already have so much to deal with, here are 7 tips to make the move smoother than ever before.

Plan Ahead of Time

As soon as you know that you need to move, mark it on your calendar. Every employee needs to be onboard to avoid any problems later on. Schedule everything that needs to be done, ensuring everyone will be ready for the move. It will allow you and your employees to take the necessary steps to ensure the move is as smooth as it can possibly be without disrupting the normal flow of business.

Let Everyone Know Beforehand

Apart from your employees, everyone you have ever worked with and interacted with, including your clients and vendors, needs to be informed about the move. Not only should they know about the move, but they need to know where you are relocating to. You never know who will want to get in touch with you at the last moment, so it is always better to be safe than sorry by informing everyone, even those with whom you have had no business with for quite some time.

Make Someone a Move Manager

You can streamline the entire move by doing something as simple as making someone a ‘move manager.’ By making someone responsible, you won’t have to deal with everything on your own. Instead, the different departments can report to the person you have appointed, ensuring all information is centralized and nothing is overlooked during the move.

Protect your Information

Any and all information pertaining to your business needs to be protected. The last thing you want is for sensitive information to land in the wrong hands. This is where your previously appointed move manager comes into play, as he/she will make sure confidential information is sealed off for when it is required at the new location.

Take Great Care of Special Items

If your office has expensive display items or artwork, create a team to deal with these pieces during the move. Relocating such items can be a hassle, but it needs to be done with dedication. Also, get someone who is knowledgeable enough to deal with items that need the utmost care possible.

Update Business Materials

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact you will need to update your business materials. Be it brochures, or the content of your website, all of it needs to be changed to reflect the changes being made. Any and all information being passed on has to be accurate unless you want to lose out on potential customers.

This does not mean your job is done by simply changing the address, you will need to check your phone numbers and all other relevant information at the same time.

Hire a Professional

There is no denying the fact moving a business is nowhere close to moving a residence. Depending on the complexity of your office, you may end up needing professional help. If you do hire a professional service, all you will need to do is to supervise the process and not worry about the small details. Simply put, you will not have to deal with the pressure and stress that goes along with making a successful move.

Hiring experienced commercial movers is particularly beneficial for business owners that are concerned about excessive downtimes, as they will now have the time and ability to focus on what they are really good at.

It is worth noting you will come across several items that you may not necessarily need at your new office space, you can either sell them, donate them or get rid of them. Additionally, take into consideration how big of an office space you actually have, so that you can appropriately decide what items are needed and what needs to be left behind.

Other tips include, and are not limited to:

  • Make sure the professional movers you hire offer insurance.
  • Most professional movers don’t move plants. If so, allocate this responsibility to someone.
  • Create announcements for the upcoming relocation.
  • Inform the heads of each department to take an inventory of all items in their domain.

If you manage to pull off a smooth move, your business will not lose valuable time, nor will it stress you or your employees. Do as much homework as you possibly can beforehand, as it will allow you to take all those things into consideration, which may not have popped up initially. If you do decide to hire a professional mover, talk to them, and find out as much as you can about how they plan on making the move; so that you can rest easy.


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