5 Environment Friendly Business Ideas

Sustainability, Going green tends to be the next big alluring thing as a business strategy. Since the scientists and politicians have been debating about the global warming issues and diminishing human resources, green industry practices do not only get public support and their sentiments, but they also enjoy high profitability.

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data, USA had 3.1 million new jobs in the production of green services and goods. The consumption trends, supporting Government policies and costs involved are all pointing towards great business opportunities in the industry. If you’re thinking about starting your new venture, an environmentally friendly start-up can really be a good idea at the moment. Moving ahead, this post will talk about 5 potential business ideas. Using one of these options, you can earn money and contribute to saving the world at the same time.

Material Swap

To help other people and businesses make positive steps towards the sustainability and helping the environment, create a magnificent place that has the nature to buy and sell reusable commercial products. Eventually, you would be able to get others to switch over to your quality boxes and carts. If you’re really passionate and ambitious, you could even set up a bartering pattern so companies could trade their products and materials with other firms directly once they’ve paid a subscription or membership fee. To make things happen at the earliest, remember to shop locally to build connections with other businesses in the locality area.

Bicycle Repair Shop

If you’re good with your hands and love tinkering with things, teach yourself to fix bikes and start your own fix-it place. By repairing other people’s bicycles, you can encourage them to use environmentally friendly transportation and to fix their broken belongings instead of automatically purchasing new things. Once you get started, you can also offer other services, like teaching children and adults how to ride safely in traffic. You could also sell maps that show all the bike-friendly routes in town.

Recycling Business

This may sound boring and ordinary, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t recycle just because they don’t have anywhere to return their recyclables. Small towns often only have a place to recycle soda cans. For some publicity, talk to schools around your area to gain more support. Many would be happy to start recycling their wood shipping crates and another type of industrial storage and transport equipment. There are even businesses that exist in order to facilitate the buying and selling of such items. The mode of Genie Recycling is a great example of clothing recycling business.

Library of Everything

Depending on your location and where you live, your local library could host most of the books, or they could offer a wide diversity of movies and music collection, too. What about other resources, though? Create a library that offers materials like toys, video games, and puzzle games to members. This way, many people may enjoy one product over and over again. Instead of buying more toys and games as their kids grow, parents could check out age-appropriate items every week. To make a tangible profit, have different levels of membership plans – the more people spend, the more items they can check out.

Lessons for Living Locally

If you enjoy teaching people, start offering lessons to people who want to learn how to live a more environmentally friendly life. You could teach them how to garden, bake their own bread, shop locally on a budget, or make their own cleaning supplies. This would offer everyone in the town a way to learn about living locally while meeting like-minded individuals. You could even get other businesses in the area involved by taking field trips to different places around town.

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