5 Marketing tips for your newly launched Shisha Lounge

5 Marketing tips for your newly launched Shisha Lounge


Opening a restaurant, a bar or a shisha lounge in this cutting-throat competition is not a cakewalk. Getting into this business and staying there for a long time requires patience and a lot of planning. Many lounges come and go and they are long forgotten with the passage of time. Things that you do to present yourself into the market are essential to get an edge over the other bars and to remain successful in this business.

It is more than important to make effective marketing strategies while remaining within the constraints of your budget. Taking account of your lounge staff, food, beverages, entertainment, maintenance and promotions are a part of your business plan that must not be forgotten during your marketing seminars also. So stop rubbing your hands and get started with an exciting marketing plan for your newly launched that must include the following points:

Organize Promotions and themed parties:

Promotions are the best ways to attract people. Since you are new on the street, no one would visit just because you are there. People need an incentive to choose you over the others. Discount coupons, a themed party, a karaoke or a wine tasting can be an exciting promotion idea to attract more visitors. Weekdays are not that fruitful as most of the people prefer to rest at home after work but special offers can get you some good deal even on weekdays. Think about Tequila Tuesdays, Thirsty Fridays and Fizzy Fridays. Happy Shisha Hours is the best marketing approach to bring new customers to your shisha lounge in London.

Good Food and Drinks:

Quality is everything. Customers of such restaurants crave for good food and drinks over anything. Offer enough variety to satisfy the audience. If your target audience is corporate colleagues then keep the best brands in stock because they would like to sit and have your finest flavour in the collection. And if they like it, they are more likely to visit you again. Fast food is generally the best option to serve, because people generally don’t visit shisha lounges to dine in, but to relax and perhaps to have some snacks.

Set up an ambience with good music and entertainment:

Perhaps you can convert your shisha place in a sports bar with some arrangement of TVs, pool tables and soccer screening. A sports bar is pretty much straightforward to set up and organize and it easily attracts visitors. Some good music will always help create the mood at your lounge. Obviously, the kind of music varies depending on your visitors. Slow and classical music is good for older people while rock or some electronic music would go for your younger audience.

Make use of social media and blogs to your advantage:

For a restaurant or lounge business, it is crucial to maintain a good social media presence. As many people search for a shisha lounge online before visiting it in person. They look for your reviews, your events, your photographs online and then make up their mind to visit you if they find something interesting. So take help of an internet marketing company and make a solid web presence on social media through interactive posts and blogs.

Advertise yourself using Flyers:

The simplest and most effective advertising practice for a shisha lounge is offline through flyers and pamphlets. Tell customers all about yourself with animated and beautifully designed flyers and distribute them to pedestrians or simply paste them on the streets to draw much attention.

The goal of any business, including bar and restaurant, is to get customers getting back and recommending to others. And the above-mentioned strategies are sure a help to new lounge owners. Must give them a try.

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