Buying Guide for Refurbished Storage Arrays


Buying Guide for Refurbished Storage Arrays

Buying a reliable storage array is essential for any firm that needs to improve its data storage. While buying new storage disks could be favored by many, not every organizations has the means to access new systems. However, there are refurbished storage arrays that could work equally good to keep your industry in check.

When shopping for refurbished systems, you need to go for ones that can offer great performance and at the same improve end-user satisfaction. There are several factors you need to consider so as to purchase the most appropriate refurbished storage array.

The storage should not be too aged

If you are going for a refurbished storage array, make sure that it is not too old. The most recommended age is between six to eighteen months. If you can get a system that is within that range, it will work well for your organization as long as it is still in good shape. You can check the details about the age of the system from the documents provided by the seller just to be sure.

Ensure you get the best deal

The fact that you are going for a second-hand product should give you enough confidence to bargain. Try to get a discount of around 50% so that you can save on the cost of administration. Most storage vendors offer better deals of more than 50% for refurbished storage systems. If one vendor turns you down, look for a different model that can offer the same service.

The storage must have a warranty

There are many risks associated to refurbished storage arrays. One of the way to mitigate future problems is by getting a warranty from the seller. This will ensure that you get free maintenance or compensation in case the system fails within the warranty period. You will not suffer the burden of having to buy a new storage system when the refurbished one fails.

Get all the documentation

The original documents of any storage system is important in helping the user to know about how the system works and the end of service life. Do not go for a product whose End of Service Life is almost over because it will not serve you for long. Get all the manuals to enable your IT administrator to run all the required checks.

Ensure that the storage is tested for efficiency

Before settling on any storage array, ensure that it is tested for efficiency. Some refurbished systems tend to suffer downtime, especially if they are meant to handle high-end storage for big industries. Get the right IT expertise to go through the system to identify any flaws if any. If the system is given a pass, then you can go ahead to implement it in your system.

Take note of this buying guide because these factors will help you to avoid loss of data. Do not ignore any step of verifying the usability of a refurbished system because it will have great effects on your entire system. Visit out web site to learn more about storage arrays.

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