How to Keep Your Commercial Fleet Spick And Span

How to Keep Your Commercial Fleet Spick And Span

Do you own an extensive fleet of vehicles? Does your fleet represent your business on the consumer front? What do you do to keep your fleet spick and span? Do you find maintenance an unnecessary expense?

There are numerous businesses that use a variety of vehicles; from small cars to large trucks. Wear and tear is a common phenomenon because of harsh weather conditions, pollution, carelessness of your employees and irregular maintenance schedules.

Reasons to Keep em Maintained

Three primary reasons why you should keep your fleet spick and span at all times are as follows:

Brand value and impact- Your brand is what your products and services represent, right? The reason why you make sure that the quality of your products & services is maintained, and your customers are satisfied with it under all circumstances, is the same for keeping your fleet up-to-date too, i.e. brand value and impact. You don’t want to portray a negative image of your brand to your customers, and to do so, you have to take care of everything.

Resale value- If you have maintained your fleet properly, then the resale value on it will be higher than expected. Once you no longer need those vehicles, you can always earn some extra bucks from it. A win-win for all.

Reduce overhead costs- Adequately maintained vehicles consume less fuel and are more efficient than vehicles in terrible conditions. Ain’t this obvious? It also reduces your advertising spend by being objects that instil a positive image of your brand. Maintenance costs are insignificant if you look at the big picture; higher efficiency equals higher profits!

Maintenance Tips

The following are some incredible maintenance tips which can help you maintain your vehicles:

Routine wash and wipe

The reasons for wear and tear are mentioned above, and it becomes evident that the vehicle will get dirty eventually. Dirt is the silent enemy of motor vehicles because apart from robbing its beautiful appearance, dirt also reduces its efficiency. A regular wash and wipe will make sure that it doesn’t settle on your cars and trucks; keeping their shine live on a little longer.

Livery removal

Most of the businesses use company decal and livery on their vehicles to put their name in the industry. It is a useful marketing technique because the vehicles interact/pass by many potential customers every day. But these advertisements leave a stain on the car; making it a little tricky to remove it efficiently. Make sure you use the right material to glue it on which ensures easy removal in the future.

Steam cleaning

Routine wash and wipe will not keep your vehicle’s’ look as good as new for many years; this is where steam cleaning steps in. Occasional steam cleaning ensures that no dust particles remain on your car; keeping its fantastic appearance intact.


If your employees have scraped or scratched a corner, it might not affect the efficiency of the car, but it inevitably will damage its appearance. The reasons mentioned above specifies the need for a flawless appearance, and when you consider the return on investment, then you will not think twice before getting that scratch repainted. The paint will also provide the vehicle with a new shine.


Maintenance is not completed unless the final touches are done. An experienced professional service will ensure that all the above tips are taken care of efficiently, and your vehicles look & feel as smooth as new.

You might have to guide your employees to make sure that these tips are followed without fail.

It just takes little efforts to make a huge change; take a step towards a shinier business approach.


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