Incorporating Instagram Based Themes on Website Powered By WordPress

Incorporating Instagram Based Themes on Website Powered By WordPress

As a business owner, you know the importance of having business websites and why it is of prime importance that you should have a strong presence online for your business venture to flourish more. In the world of marketing today, the internet cannot be ignored. You have the potential to cater to thousands of new customers and make your company go truly global through a business website. WordPress is the best platform to build a business website on for various reasons, but simply having a WordPress website will not benefit you. You must incorporate different techniques to make your site more visible. One method of doing this is by incorporating Instagram into your WordPress website and creating an n Instagram based theme. This article will highlight to you why this is important and how it can be done.

The Importance of Instagram

The meteoric rise of Instagram has taken the world by surprise; this growth is quite staggering really. After the social media app was bought over by the social giant Facebook in 2012 for an amount of $1 billion, there were a lot of critics who felt that this was a wrong decision and that the app will not remain popular for too long. They were afraid that this investment by Facebook might turn into a disaster. But it did not. The reality was just the opposite. After the acquisition, the number of users of Instagram grew from up around 40 million to almost 500 million in the last quarter of 2017 with around 100 million new users joining the app in only one year alone. This goes to highlight the immense popularity of the social media app and why marketers need to make use of this phenomenon actively.

How does WordPress benefit from Instagram and give you profits?

Well, the central message that you should understand from this article is Instagram not to be ignored; it is a major social media application with immense business possibilities. If you want to succeed in your business, then you must have some form and type of integration of Instagram to your WordPress website. The better your quality of integration is, the more benefits you get. You can integrate Instagram in several ways to make a unique theme on WordPress based on Instagram. Some ways by which you can integrate Instagram with your WordPress are:

Using the built-in embeddings of WordPress

WordPress has come up with various types of different functional embeddings to help your experience become better. For example, you will be able to easily put embeddings of your tweets and videos from YouTube besides other such activities. These functionalities are also available for Instagram also. The main thing which you are required to do is just getting the direct link or URL of your post on Instagram which you like to put in WordPress, and then you must post it any page or website you like. The quickest of the way of doing this is by simply going to Instagram’s desktop version at and then searching for the relevant photos there. After locating the photos, you have to find their URLs which you can see in the address bar of your browser and then paste it into your pages and posts on your business website. When you publish your posts and pages after that, you will see it immediately change into a live Instagram picture.

Use built-in “embed” shortcode

One of the most popular alternative methods is by using the built-in feature of WordPress – the “embed” shortcode. This has more advantage than just simply including singular URLs in your post in the fact that you will be able to control the image’s width and height in your embedded link. However, for using it, you shall still require the URL of the picture and then you will be able to include it wherever you want (in posts and pages) by using a shortcode.

Use dedicated Instagram widgets in WordPress

One of the easiest methods of creating an Instagram based theme in WordPress is by simply using a plugin widget that will help you to display a steady stream of photos (from your Instagram profile) in the widget areas of your WordPress business site. There are many such widgets and plug-ins available, most of them are free also. It is quite easy to use, and one does not need to have any form of complicated parameters before using it for working. However, there are certain things which you will be required to provide, like your Instagram username which will get used for fetching your latest photos. This widget has various new cool options like you can choose whether you like to display these photos as thumbnails or use sliders to show one photo at a time, etc.

Import Photos from your Instagram completely

Then you can also use WordPress for backing up the gallery from your Instagram and then get the photos store on to your web server. This will be the correct choice when you want to take photos from your Instagram and make them a part of the content on your blog. That is the way by which you can give more elaborate descriptions for your posts and then share the background stories behind it. You can get to do this by various plug-ins that will work with all posts, pages

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One of the most important steps that any business should take these days is to make a good business website to create a solid online presence. However, incorporating some Instagram based themes can make your website perform better. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have given you some idea about how to incorporate in WordPress an Instagram based theme.

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