How Do Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising And Organic SEO Work Together?

Organic Search Engine Optimization

To grow business online, potential customers need to find you quickly and easily, in the right place and at the right time. Both PPC marketing and SEO strategies will ensure that your brand is on the menu. More than that, it needs to be a favoured destination for potential customers in your area.

Business in Brisbane enjoys high online activity. Let’s review how PPC Marketing contributes to this success.

The Art And Science Of PPC Marketing

Google Adwords Management Brisbane campaigns rely on extensive research to understand the keywords your potential customers are using to find products or services within your category and in your area.

How Exactly Does PPC Marketing Work?

The idea is fairly simple: when customers click on your sponsored advertisements to arrive at your website or landing page, you pay for that click. If they simply view your ad and move on, you don’t pay. This is factual stuff that can be directly measured.

What Drives a Potential Customer to Click on One Ad Instead of Another?

This is more in the territory of consumer behaviour. That’s why copywriters apply their flair to how the keywords are communicated. This is more of an art than a science and relies on an intuitive talent.

When these three elements of research, measurement and flair are combined, your business is in a powerful position to attract the customers you are looking for.

Organic SEO Works With PPC Advertising for Optimal Results

Another component to being found online is your organic page ranking in search engine results. Reaching the top takes time and consistent effort. This is essential for your overall business profile on the internet and is part of a long-term strategy.

PPC marketing places your business at the top of sponsored advertising results for an immediate boost, especially if you have just launched a new website or new business, or if you want to highlight a specific message. It is more of a short-term tactic for emphasising a promotion, competition, new or additional product or service.

The insights gained from your PPC marketing campaigns via Google Analytics can then be fed back into your website content for better organic SEO results. The two work together to strengthen your position.

PPC Marketing is Highly Focused

Another area where PPC advertising shines is for specific campaign messages. If your business wants to communicate a new vision or boost awareness of one of your products or services within your stable, a PPC marketing campaign can zero in on the precise element you wish to highlight.

PPC marketing Plays a Vital Role in Growing Your Online Brand

Google Adwords Management campaigns launch new messages for your brand. The success of these campaigns is measured by your Pay Per Click (PPC) investment to determine your ROI.

Monitoring and Measurement of PCC Activity

Detailed reports can compare the success of one specific word versus another in your brand messages. This is a highly refined way of focusing your efforts on the most powerful way to communicate your business message, even in an offline world.

Google Analytics reports are the result of PPC advertising. They turn your insights into even more impactful messages for the next campaign.

Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Budget

PPC marketing is an affordable option for most business as you determine the budget, according to your ability and strategy. Your budget is also focused on audience REACH, rather than on production costs of creating the messages.

PPC Advertising Levels the Playing Field

Traditional advertising like TV and radio still works, but production costs tend to mean that only big business can afford to do it. PPC marketing allows small and medium size businesses to compete on the digital map, without the hefty production costs.

PPC Campaign Management

Managing PPC campaigns is time-consuming and requires the co-ordination of many different elements for optimal success. Online marketing experts use a range of powerful tools for bid management, competitive intelligence and keyword research.

PPC Marketing is well established Brisbane, where online business activity is high. OAC Digital uses the most innovative tools and best practices for maximum return on PPC investment for some of the city’s most popular brands.

In Summary Use PPC Marketing for:

  • Launching a new business or a new website for immediate results
  • Highlighting a specific promotion or brand message
  • Supporting an overall brand campaign strategy
  • Driving activity towards a specific landing page
  • Gaining insight on the right message for your business customers
  • Feeding results back into your online content for better positioning
  • Complementing your on-going SEO strategy with focused tactics
  • Determining your marketing ROI with detailed reports analysis

It Doesn’t Have to End There Though

It is one thing to boost visitor flow to your website, it is another to engage them once they are there. OAC Digital uses marketing strategies to ultimately convert your PPC advertising into a Pay Per Lead (PPL) campaigns, which measures not just visits to your website, but also how many of those visitors become qualified leads.

Your Website is Like a Sales Funnel

On the one hand, you need potential customers to arrive at the entrance. If you are open for business and ready to engage customers, it won’t help if your customers don’t arrive at the door. PPC marketing gets them there quickly.

Next, you want to welcome them in and show them around. PPC marketing can direct them to a specific landing page within your site.

Ultimately, you want a human being to engage with visitors and offer help or support. That is the end of the funnel where qualified leads are sent to your business via PPL campaigns.

OAC Digital is a premier Google Partner with proven results for clients in Brisbane. Let us know how we can help you with a performance driven and highly focused PPC marketing campaign.

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