Some Essential Features You Should Look for in a Laptop

Some Essential Features You Should Look for in a Laptop

The laptop makes the work easy or enhances the pleasure as the laptops are movable. There are many types of laptop available and the functional need of the same depends upon person to person subject to the prices available. With respect to the prices the features needs to be customized with to suit the various requirements. There are various features that need to be looked into before buying a laptop. The followings are the things that are the most essential once and influence the types of laptop to be bought:


Size plays an important role. Small screen, light-weighted or slim laptops also known as ultrabook are generally easy to carry. They are simple and elegant; pretty handy.

Comfortable Screen

Screen should be comfortable to look otherwise it will be strenuous for the eyes when looks it for hours. Laptops with touchscreen facilities have generally glossy screens. Laptops with best user comfort and good multiple reviews are the prime qualities that are needed to looked upon before buying it


Keyboards matter when typing on it for a long time. It needs to have a comfortable layout with not too small sized keys and space around arrow signs. Keyboards having backlit make it easier to work with in case of dimly lit environments.

Battery Power

Laptops are considered better than the personal computers because of their availability to move, if the laptops need frequent charges then this feature of move-ability becomes worthless.

Central Processing Unit

It is the brain center of the laptop without which the laptop can’t function. CPU is considered to be the best when it performs multiple task and multimedia task. Here the processor speed should be fast; low speed might hang the system. These days’ laptops which have corei7 systems are the ones which are considered to be the most advanced however it might have heat problems coming from the base of the laptop.

RAM or Random Access memory

This is the memory center of the laptop, where more than 4GB RAM is considered as a good laptop. More RAM means more applications running together which is easily accessible by the system. It is preferred to have graphic card instead of video RAM in case of gaming laptop.

Hard drive

In early days the hard drive used to be considered to be as the storage center. Now due technological advancement, the hard drive has been replaced by the Solid Storage Drive (SSD). SSD offers better speed than the hard drive and it can be installed or moved away from the laptop. It doesn’t add to the weight of the laptop.


With so many instances of stealing, laptop with the some kind of anti theft mechanism, let’s say for example fingerprint or face recognition are becoming effective.

USB Ports

Laptops are evolving with time and so does USB ports. USB 3.0 is the one that is most advanced as of now.

Extreme Conditions

Careless accidents in the form of getting dropped might happen. The buildup of the laptop must be able to withstand heavy or brutal conditions so care should be taken that laptop has gone through such testing. Certificates of those testing should be available.

Operating System

The function of the OS is to convert the computer language into the user friendly easily understandable graphical format. The OS that gives the best Graphical User Interface is the one that needs to be selected.

Other features

The laptop should be advanced enough to be able to incorporate other features, let’s say for example graphic card of 1GB or more. It’s preferred to use GTX in case of GTA when it is gaming laptop

Tips in the selecting the laptop

  • Think and review the ratings

  • Invest into the future as the technology is changing all the time. Laptop should not only be able to suffice the needs but also in a position to meet the need later.

  • Compare various prices of different models.

  • Smoother trackpad is necessary.

  • For techsavy, the ones with DOS OS are preferred with the feature to install another OS also.

  • Avoid laptops having DVD because the DVD features are becoming outdated.

  • All the software CDs, recovery CD, driver and other necessary components should be original.

  • Focus more on the features and usability instead of the brand.

  • Use original software when it comes to OS to avoid any legal issues.

How to make Laptop Deals more efficient

Buying a laptop can be more confusing when it comes to so many brands available in the market, the following point’s needs to be looked into:

Not too cheap

Before buying laptop, it should not be very expensive. It should meet the budget. If they are very cheap then it could mean that it might certain features or need to be reviewed properly.

Don’t keep on changing laptops

Even though the technology advancing, new laptops are coming everyday in the market but changing the laptops frequently might overshoot the expenses


Subject to some factors the only thing that differentiates a laptop from the personal computer is its move-ability. It needs to be ensured that it doesn’t add too much weight while moving out.

Design outlay: Better designs make it easier to work with. Designs in respect to size, keypad, screen and other physical features but suit to the needs of the users


Not all the laptops meet the requirements when it comes to budget so in that case, laptop should be made on the basis of the requirements and needs. That laptop that is in the trends might not meet the end result. So care should be taken that one should not listen to the individual retailers because the retailers might give some information that might not be true. After properly verifying and careful scrutiny one should invest into it so that there is no regret later as to investment of the same in wrong products.

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