Why is Ultra Board Printing Causing a Massive Stir in the Digital Printing and Advertising Industries

Why is Ultra board Printing causing a massive stir in the digital printing and advertising industries

All shops across the country have some form of sign. Sign printing is a versatile field, and there are tons of options for each entrepreneur. In fact, the variety can be overwhelming for some. Even with all the different styles, colors, base materials and printing technologies, all signs serve the same purpose. They convey pertinent information to the potential customers. The type of information they portray and their location usually decides their material and style. You need to consider their utilization and environment for picking the correct equipment for printing.

  • Do you want it as a temporary fixture?
  • Do you want it inside your store?
  • Is it going to be the main store sign?
  • Do you want to hang it from the ceiling?

These are a few questions you must answer for zeroing in on the material perfect for its unique purpose. Naturally, opting for a customizable Ultra board print solves all problems that might be lurking in the future.

If you have stepped inside a Target or Walmart in the recent times, you must have seen the colorful sings hanging from the ceilings demarcating different aisles. These are the ideal examples of ultraboard printing that has been helping businesses in improving their customer experience and product management. While it is certain that no single material can fit the bills of all entrepreneurs, Ultra board printings deserve a chance.

What is ultra board printing?

Ultra board is a high-endurance, heavy-duty and light-weight panel for printing. The unique combination of durability and lightness make it the perfect candidate for permanent aisle markers, cut-out figures, life-size cut-outs, indoor print advertisements and outdoor signage. Here are the few salient features of an ultra board that makes it the perfect candidate for all kinds of adverts –

  1. They have a rigid foam interior. It is tough and provides a long lifespan to these boards.
  2. Ultra boards have all-plastic panels that can hold vivid colors.
  3. They are scratch- resistant, and they are resilient to dents.
  4. The outer material of an Ultra board makes them highly resistant to regular wear-and-tear.
  5. The outer plastic coating makes them slightly flexible. It imparts strength to the signs.

You can use this material for designing new silk screens, digital painting, traditional painting and screen painting. They are perfect for hanging signs or small signs that need to stand in the sun and rain for days on end. The unique combination of materials and inherent flexibility makes the ultra board a favorite choice of marketers, advertisers and printing professionals, alike.

What kind of finish does Ultra board have?

The ultra board has a very different finish from other printing materials. You may already know that Gator Board has wood veneer finish, ultra-foam board has a paper finish, but the Ultra board has a polystyrene finish that helps it stand out. The hard-polystyrene finish helps it retain the print integrity in spite of repeated exposure to moisture and scratches. In most cases, you can pick between a gloss finish and a matte finish for your board. A vinyl coat makes it glossy, whereas, a laminated vinyl makes it matte. Advertisers usually pick a matte finish since it can reduce the reflection and keep their brand and information visible.

However, they are not difficult to manipulate at all. With the right equipment, you can quickly shape it and size it as per your need. Die-cutters, routers, saws and even razors can cut through this material with considerable ease. The most common thickness is around 3-inches, but an expert printing agency can provide special cuts that are much thinner than that. The digital printing companies can deliver Ultra board prints to your doorstep of any dimension, but their compliance with fuss-free handling makes them ideal for school projects, college assignments and corporate presentations as well.

What kind of prints can they support?

Only your imagination and your budget can restrict the scope of prints on Ultra board screens. They are completely customizable, and the material supports several print qualities. You can choose any art form or design, and an excellent digital printing agency should be able to execute it for you. From conventional ink to UV-resistant ink, these boards can light up space with effortless elegance. They require very little maintenance over time. You will find them to sustain heat, light, and moisture beautifully without much intervention. The digital printing agency might ask you to spray the sign with water (mist) once in a while and wipe it off with a cloth for regular cleaning. You can even trust a mild window or glass cleaner and a white cloth to get rid of the accumulating dust and dirt on the surface. Ultra board printing is utterly moisture-proof for light cleaning. You can use a soft brush or a towel to clean the top coat as well.

How much does Ultra board printing cost?

The cost of Ultra board printing can be slightly higher than regular silk screen printing or vinyl printing. However, once you consider its incredibly long lifespan and its low need for maintenance, it starts looking like the smarter investment. The price of any signage depends on the size of it and the materials used. The quantity and quality of colors will contribute to the cost. Complicated images with a lot of vivid hues and details usually cost more than simple names or logos. It is wiser to pair Ultra board printing with UV ink since it can create a “pop” effect that is otherwise impossible on conventional material that lacks the hardness of it. Additionally, it discounts the cost of a mounting board since you can choose to print the images on the flat polystyrene surface directly.

Ultra board printing is the smart marketer and business owner’s choice. It broadens the horizon of installation. You can use an Ultra board print for your storefront, aisle markers, indoor mall advertisements, outdoor advertisement of offers and for making cut-outs of your favorite movie stars. It is a truly versatile material that is revolutionizing advertising’s relationship with digital printing.

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