5 Tips To Optimize Plant Growth With Container Gardening

5 Tips To Optimize Plant Growth With Container Gardening

Gardening is a great outdoors activity that helps you conveniently have fresh produce in your backyard. Almost anyone can grow some veggies or flowers through container gardening whether they have a specific garden space available or not. It would only need a small area to create a garden, which can also suit to the needs of those living in a condo or apartment.

Here are five tips that will help you improve your plants growth offering you excellent results with gardening.

1. Use The Right Growing Medium

Alternatively to using regular soil you can also use substrate materials that can maximize the outcome of your gardening project. Coconut or rice husks, peat moss or rock wool provide your plants with better drainage and water supply and produce far higher yields than regular soil. The organic growth is stimulated and it also prevents accumulations of salt and water. Check out your local gardening center and find the right medium for you specific planting needs.

2. Choose The Right Containers

This is an important factor to remember when growing vegetables in containers. Normally, all types of containers such as plastics, pails, cans, cylinder blocks, gallon cans, bottle water plastics, bamboo cuts or any thrown away containers can be used for the execution of growing vegetables. You can also use banana bracts, coconut leaves, and coco shells to grow short-season vegetables such as mustard, pechay and lettuce.

However, to optimize the growth it is best use plastic plant pots as they are the most durable solution. Also, they provide a great drainage, even temperature and therefore increase the crops.

3. Use Authentic and High Quality Seeds

You can find all kinds of organic seeds from local nurseries, home centers, garden stores, seed catalogs, farm supply stores and online seed stores. Opt for certified organic seeds that not only turn out to be high-quality plants but also guarantee good results when are ready. There are numerous brands that sell unnatural seeds which may disappoint you with the plant growth results. So, make sure the seeds you are purchasing are not genetically engineered.

4. Create A Compost

Known as gardeners’ gold, compost is a critical aspect in gardening that is handy in improving the soil structure of any garden. It is packed with a great source of phosphorous, micro/macronutrients, nitrogen and potassium that are essential for plant growth. Also, it stabilizes soil moisture and pH in order to help the soil stay cooler during summer.

5. Wise Use Of Water

You must adapt a wise use of water for your plants, which is easy to do if you use a water hose timer. Water them when the soil and air are cool, normally in the early morning or evening. Make sure you water deeply direct at the root systems based at the plant end. This helps plants grow deeper roots and causes them to need less water. Plants and soil in container gardening dry out faster than those in the ground so need frequent water. Make sure you don’t water leaves as excess water may film on the plants making them more susceptible to disease.

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