E-Shop USA Review; Building A Virtual Shipping Center

E-Shop USA Review; Building A Virtual Shipping Center

E-shop USA helped me start my own company with products from the US. They helped me maintain a great profit percent by selling US based products. Their services help all sectors of the society. Individuals as well as commercials.

Benefits of E-Shop USA

They aided me in getting the products with an actual US address. Flexible shipping timings were a plus which helped me select the date and time of delivery as per my availability. Their elite services allowed me to buy items which were not available in my country at very cheap and affordable prices.

Eshop USA Inc even stored my parcels in their warehouses for around 45 days. With a drop in delivery prices by up to 80 percent, I was able to have great margins for profit and at the same time supply quality products.

Initially, I thought that due to the difference of time zones, there will be many issues as well as delayed deliveries. However, all credits to their interface where we can manage and track the emails and parcels throughout the day.

All I had to do was to go for a US address and then select the items that I wanted to buy. The rest was taken care by the E-shop who received these parcels and stored it in their warehouses for up to 45 days. Later as per my wish and availability, I was able to request for the items in my country. They also assisted me with same day shipping on multiple occasions when I need urgent deliveries. These were bulk deliveries which they combined into one shipment and helped me save my money on delivery charges by over 75 percent.

How E-Shop Helped me expand my business?

E-shop USA assisted me in reducing the unnecessary costs and pay only for shipping. Their Cloud logistics interface allowed me to manage our US operations. Because of E-shop USA, I don’t have to pay any sales tax or unnecessary charges.

They have integrated with few of the top brands to get us the quality and brand that we need. Few of their tie-ups are with Amazon, eBay, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy etc. showing their class in the business. They even provided a commercial invoice to me along with all the paperwork related to the deliveries.

I would suggest everyone out there with a business mindset to try E-shop USA to make the most out of their services and avail them at a bargain.

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