How to become a tech CMO

How to become a tech CMO

Have you ever wondered what it takes to rise from the very bottom of an industry, to be one of its pioneers, one of its leaders, one of its most important figures? Well that is a journey familiar to some of the Chief Marketing Officers of some of the world’s biggest companies, not least in the technology industry. The CMOs of some of the most recognisable firms – Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and more – all rose from being junior employees to running some of the most influential and important marketing campaigns of some of the most influential and important businesses in existence in the world today.

There are a few recent incidents that illustrate this point – where the image of well regarded and love companies were wrecked in just a couple of days. ake the ongoing Cambridge-Analytica farce, Samsung’s exploding phones, or the scandal that erupted late last year over Apple slowing down older phones, allegedly to make customers by new models. All of these scenarios show how easy it is to lose your image as trustworthy, high quality, and the best.

The CMOs running the marketing for these companies have, in most cases, risen from the very bottom, to reach the pinnacle of their field. They have in the course of their long careers illustrated the skill, patience, and resilience required to run marketing in one of the most crowded and prominent industries in the world. Their stories are an inspiration that, whoever you are, you can achieve anything with a bit of hardwork and talent, and you can climb to the summit of your area of passion, to be one of its leaders.

The stories of these CMOs are inspirational, and their successes and illustrative of what we are all capable of achieving, wherever we might start on the journey towards our dreams. You don’t need family connections, or to push luck. You just need to put your head down, work hard, and let your achievements, your talent, and your determination speak for themselves. That is what their stories tell us.

If low-level employees can become the most prominent figures in one of the most difficult careers in the world, than anybody can. Here is an infographic detailing their stories, so you can see exactly what you can achieve when you are passionate and dedicated! These are brilliant stories and should be an inspiration to everyone!

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