How to Create a Killer Website in Three Easy Steps

How to Create a Killer Website in Three Easy Steps

Consider your website to be your digital real estate. The only difference is that instead of being able to buy a larger lot or a better location, you have to work on getting more people to visit you. You do this by offering a better website than your competition, and then keep that attention by becoming popular with your guests. In short, websites exist in the attention market, which is why a website that does not look great, work well, or have what your users need is one that will be clicked away from immediately. A high bounce rate, or the percentage of people that leave after visiting one page on your site, is death for most websites. That is why you need to think carefully about your website design and follow these steps to create a killer website for your brand:

Plan it Before You Start It

The first step to any successful website is to plan it offline. This way you can visualize the entire website and how each page needs to connect to each other in one place. This will help you design a website that is easy and intuitive to use, as well as give you the blueprint you need so that you don’t forget to link pages to each other. If you want to take this one step further, add mood boards as well. This way you can already start preparing for what your website’s aesthetic will be, and how you can harmonize your pages.

Options for Creating Your Website

Once you have your plan, it’s time to create the website itself. You have a few options, and which one you choose will depend on your budget. If you have a substantial budget, for example, you could hire your own web developer and have a custom website built for you. For most, however, choosing a third-party hosting company and finding a website theme online is the best choice of action. If you have the time and patience you could figure out how to set everything up on your own using the provided tutorials, or you could again hire someone to do it for you. If you have no budget at all to start with, don’t worry, because there are free website creation tools to start off with. Just remember that your capabilities will be seriously limited.

Choosing Your Aesthetic and Branding

Once you have the bare bones of your website ready to go, it’s time to start thinking about your website’s aesthetic and branding. This means choosing a color scheme, creating a logo, a slogan, and getting photos and videos to brighten up your website. If your budget is small, you will likely want to use free online tools. There are options for everything from this slogan maker to video generators.

A successful website is one that looks great, works well, and has the necessary components that make it as attractive to search engines as it is to Google. Use analytics and keep fine-tuning your website until you hit the sweet spot that gets the maximum amount of engagement.

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