How to Start Off with Netball Team

How to Start Off with Netball Team


Netball is one of the most popular games that is played across many countries of the world. An approximate estimation says that nearly 80 Commonwealth countries play this sport. This is a game that is played between two teams, each one of them having seven players. The main aim of the game is to score points by throwing the ball into the net that is tied at a height of ten feet. Each of the players has a certain position and they are restricted to a given part of the field in their roles as team players.  The game is played on a rectangular court.

This is a game that requires agility and practice if you want to perform well in the match. For achieving these results, you must work diligently and improve your focus on the game as well. When you join the netball team these are some aspects must be kept in mind to perform well on the field and as seen in the following details.

  • Accessories – This is one of the main aspects that can help you to perform well when playing the game. When you join the netball team, the management, and the coach ensure that you are given a complete list of the accessories and game kit.  Items such as comfortable shoes, wristbands, and headbands are important so that you are always physically ready to handle the game, score goals; and drive your team towards success.
  • Warm Up Well – Netball is a game which requires a good deal of agility and flexibility. If you begin a game straight away, then you can have injuries and can hurt yourself bad. Additionally, it has been seen that netball as a sport gives rise to many muscle sprain and injuries. Hence, when you join netball team one of the things that are taught is to perform your warm-up sessions without fail.
  • Passing the Ball – Passing the ball at the right time and to the right player is one of the most important things that can be elemental for winning a game. Therefore, we see the players practicing passing the ball to the other players on the team during practice sessions. Hence, when you join netball team the first thing that training is given on is that the ball must be passed on at the opportune time and to the right person.
  • Practice by Yourself – Netball is a game that requires throwing the ball in the net even from a good distance. If this can be accomplished, then the game can be won quite easily. To accomplish this, you must practice the game all by yourself. You must seriously practice targets on the wall. You, also, need to practice the overhead, shoulder passes, and chest bounces.
  • Get Fit – Netball is one of the games that require physical fitness. When you join the netball team, your coach and your guide will emphasize on your physical agility and fitness. For this, you must follow a strict regime of fitness. You must mix and match the different processes, techniques of exercise and workout for the optimum benefits.

There are various aspects that must be borne in the mind so that you can play a good netball game. When you join netball team, one of the very first things that will be an important part of your training is to go through the successful matches of the teams in the past, so you become familiar with their strategies. You must, also, see other games and matches and understand the different moves, playing patterns, and styles that are practiced by the other players. More importantly, regular practice is a sure-shot way of being successful at the game.

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