Latest Sportswear Trends of 2018

Latest Sportswear Trends of 2018

The amazing creation of stylish and trendy sportswear that doesn’t reduce its quality and functionality for the sake of fashion has always been a sought-after design in any sporting outfits. And there are a number of reputable brands that are known for delivering just that with their lots of styles, attire as well as their vintage charm.

When it comes to the latest sportswear trends of the year, there is hardly anything new. For instance, matching sets of leggings and crop top are still working well. Last year’s designs for sports bras seem to be retaining their neutral tones with a fashion element that starts from mesh paneling to intricate straps to unusual and complicated shapes. With websites such as NNT Customised, you can even create your own custom look and feel when it comes to sportswear.

It’s tougher and harder to bring a sportswear-infused collection though the fashion mood seems to be fresh one this season. However, you can expect some more street emblems and pre and post-workout layers and palettes aligning with loosening silhouette.

Here we have tried to collect some of the latest sportswear collection of 2018 which is being liked by players as well as others interested in sports activities.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 FLYKNIT

This extraordinary tennis shoe pair is good enough for everyone who plays the game. Available in white and some funky color combinations, Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 FLYKNIT trainers are comfortable, breathable and absolutely classic. They have a strong and dense knit to provide necessary support for lateral movements of the game. The TPU frame around the mid-foot of the FLYKNIT weave offers extra stability supports while its open construction in the toe provides additional breathability. Roger Federer has also worn different versions of the Nike Zoom Vapor FLYKNIT since its debut six years ago.

Adidas Barricade Boost 2018

The Barricade boost 2018 from Adidas hits the market with an improved version of highly esteemed flagship shoes. This latest version comprises Adidas’s cutting-edge boost technology to provide you maximum energy return, helping you remain consistently cushioned and amazingly responsive. Also, it features forged mesh upper for dynamic fit, full-length midsole for maximum cushioning and rebounding, as well as ADIWEAR 6 rubber outsole for unmatched durability and traction on all kind of court surfaces.

Nike White Tennis Outfit

This tennis outfit by Nike is a study in function, fashion, elegance and style. Its brightly white color, Nike’s logo on the chest and elegancy of matching sleeves and skirt make people absolutely lose their mind over. It has similar cut to the dress that Serena Williams wore at Wimbledon.  Like other smash records clothes by Nike, this new one is expected to be smashing too.

Adidas Men’s Tennis Advantage Polo

With a cross-court winner, this shirt is made with a soft, moisture-wicking that will keep the wearer dry all through the game. It features a contrast white color on the collar, the iconic logo and a flexible fit that makes it fashionable and comfortable.

The Cropped Sports Bra

Most brands have evolved cropped sports bra for this year. They are pursed to look forward with intricate back details, mesh paneling, lace-up accents, and embroidery. According to the top sports bra manufacturers, high-neck bras will be the most successful runway hit as they are made with beautiful laces, ornate fabrication, and offer maximum support and comfort.

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