Simple Self-Care For Business Women

Simple Self-Care For Business Women

When you’re a busy career woman with a full schedule and a never-ending to-do list, self-care can fall low on your order of priorities. That’s certainly understandable, but it’s something that you probably ought to address. Without good self-care it’s easy to become burned out, exhausted, and depressed. Taking time to rest, recharge your batteries and revitalise your mind, body, and spirit is absolutely essential if you want to make a success of your career and your family life. These self-care tips are a simple, quick way to start incorporating this principle into your lifestyle.

Let someone pamper you from time to time.

If you’re rushing from work, to home, to corporate events, then back to bed, a great way to incorporate self-care would be to bring some moments of pampering into your life. This could be as simple as bringing a mobile makeup artist to your home or office to help you get glammed up before an important networking event or special occasion. A mobile service is ideal for women who are super-busy but still want to feel and look beautiful and have a chance to sit back and relax.

Learn how to say “no.”

It may sound outrageously simple, but this step can be very difficult for certain types of women. If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to every single request, job, or commitment, you’ll quickly become exhausted and probably resentful in the long-term towards the people you originally committed your time to. Take a look at your schedule and be realistic about how much you truly are able to take on. If you’re the kind of person who feels compelled to say “yes” to every request that comes your way, then saying “no” can be a powerful act of self-care.

Take early nights.

When you come home from work, are you tempted to spend your evening catching up on emails, doing a thousand housework tasks that you’ve seen piling up all week, or numbing your mind out with activities that feel ‘relaxing’ but actually drain you, like mindless internet browsing or scrolling through social media. Instead of sitting up late and putting your body and mind under more pressure, schedule several nights a week where you make sure that an early night is on the itinerary.

Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for people who struggle with anxiety and depression, but it can also be extremely helpful for anyone who battles to slow down and take time for their own wellbeing in the midst of a busy life. Start setting aside a few moments a day to practice simply being in the moment. This may mean eating a meal slowly, savouring and really enjoying each mouthful, or taking a walk and fully absorbing your surroundings.

Hit the library.

Books can be a wonderful escape from stress and a valuable way for busy people to take some time away from their worries. That makes them a great self-care tool. They don’t need to cost you anything, either – visit your local library and take out some books that you know you’ll enjoy. Set aside a particular amount of time each week devoted to just lying back with a good book and enjoying the simple pleasure of reading for leisure.

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