The Importance of Having An Evacuation Diagram For Your Company

The Importance of Having An Evacuation Diagram For Your Company

In the event of a workplace emergency, the first decision is always whether the staff should evacuate, or stay inside the building. Most businesses mainly focus on crises that involve staying inside, but rarely plan for emergencies that necessitate evacuations. Having a clearly defined and detailed evacuation diagram in place is the only way to guarantee safety in a crisis. Evacuation plans are important for several reasons.

Required by OSHA

OSHA necessitates that all employers have an Emergency action plan filed. The plan should have detailed evacuation procedures. Companies that have over ten employees must have a written copy of the evacuation diagram posted in a place that is visible to the employees in case of an emergency situation. You will need a new plan whenever you have significant changes in personnel, introducing new hazards, or changing the building layouts.

A clear chain of command

Whenever there is a workplace emergency, the confusion makes people to run and get out of the building within the shortest time possible. However, this confusion can increase the risks of property damage and injury. The staff will need level-headed and calm leaders who will coordinate the essential tasks and guarantee an orderly evacuation. Companies will need a coordinator, head counter, first aid expert, and a person who acts as the point of contact.

A designated meeting place

Evacuation diagrams ensure that employees know the exact place they should assemble after leaving a building. Instead of your staff drifting to vehicles or separating to various sides of the building, an evacuation plan will direct your staff to where they should be. Staying together after the evacuation helps the head counters to account accurately for everyone. This way, accurate information can be relayed to the emergency personnel. Keep your employees safe by getting a quote for evacuation diagram.

Regular Route Inspection

Unused spaces and hallways usually become dumping grounds over time. These little junk piles may turn into bigger piles that can block the exit routes that are important during an emergency evacuation. With an evacuation plan, employees will be forced to practice walking through their escape route in a measured and calm manner. As a result, they are able to determine route blockages that can restrict their mobility.

Keeps Employees Calm

In many emergency cases, employees will panic because they do not know what to do. When they are in panic mode, they will be unable to focus and will behave dangerously or irrationally. An evacuation diagram will clearly establish the guidelines regarding what the employees need to do, and they will have a checklist for every step. The progression of these steps will help to calm their nerves, while keeping them focused on getting to safety.

The response you have to workplace emergencies will mean the difference between life and death. You should therefore think of the best way of preparing for an emergency before it actually happens. A fire evacuation plan is not just any other paperwork or documentation. It is a necessary obligation, and it will help to protect and save the people who are under your care. Guarantee the safety of your workplace by hiring professionals to draft a fire evacuation diagram for your business.

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