Things to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

Things to Do Before Opening a Restaurant

Do you feel a need to change your career? Want to quit your job and do something that satisfies you? You think you are ready to be an entrepreneur? As with any food service business, opening a restaurant or a cafe is no easy task. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and requires you to have management skills. Running a food service business can be stressful and demanding – from hiring and managing a team to negotiating with suppliers. Be ready to work extremely hard, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a chef with years of experience in the food industry. Do not expect to get any time off especially for the first two years. Sooner or later, these sacrifices will pay off.

The opening of the restaurant is actually the last step. There are a lot of things which needs to be taken care of before the opening of the restaurant. You will need to come up with a unique theme for your restaurant and then find a suitable place which can complement your theme. You would need to arrange the best restaurant supplies at a reasonable price. Give yourself easily 12 – 18 months to get the construction going and the furniture to be set up. It approximately takes three months for the permit to come through. Here is a list of things to do before the official opening of the restaurant –

Online Marketing

Every business needs a competitive marketing plan, and a food service business is no exception. While TV or billboard advertisements are a viable source, it can put a big hole in your pocket. As if you have already not spent enough on the construction and furniture. It is best recommended to market your business online. First, you would need to create a website for your restaurant. A well-built website showcases your online presence and can increase your revenue. Make it easy for your potential customers to find your contact info and location on your website easily. This is how you can handle online marketing without wasting dollars.

  • Take support of the Internet.
  • Sign up for various food review sites as well as social media.
  • Place inexpensive ads on social media websites – Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
  • Ask your customers how they found out about you, so you may know where your advertising and marketing dollars are best spent.

Plan of Providing Something Unique

You can get a headstart in your food service business if you can provide your customers with a unique and unexpected experience. This can give your business a much needed positive word of mouth. You can offer a brand new dish or a unique decorative design. Homemade desserts or drinks might sound delicious but is not a new concept. Give something which the customers can crave and will come back for. Try to specialize in a service which is nowhere found in your area, it could be pastries, drinks or maybe Italian food. There are surely much more ideas to explore.

Get Restaurant Supplies

Although great food and good customer service are obviously important but having the right type of equipment can emphasize your image in a positive way. It is crucial that you get the equipment that you can depend on in order to save labor & energy costs. You can contact VEGA Direct or simply visit to get the finest selections of restaurant dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, flatware & much more. While many basic restaurants do not care or even pay attention to the type and quality of equipment used. There are some other high-end food service businesses who pay much attention to details and bring in the right cutlery and crockery. This can increase the overall profit of your business.

Get Insurance

As with any business, there are a huge number of risks associated while opening a restaurant. An insurance not only protects you from theft or an accident on the premises but also from any natural disaster. Get in touch with an insurance agent and get the general liability policy that suits your business. It can cover many accidents on the premises such as someone falling or be slipping, a customer getting hurt ‘from broken glass or even someone becoming gravely ill from the restaurant’s food.

You also might want to consider property coverage. This will ensure that your furniture and everything of importance, from stoves to glassware, is fully covered in case of any fire or theft. If your restaurant provides food delivery or outside catering, make sure to have a vehicle insurance as well.

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