What Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Finding A Life Coach

What Entrepreneurs Should Consider When Finding A Life Coach

If you are serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur, then you understand that you are going to need a lot of help if you want to see your idea come to fruition. And while many new business honors generally lean towards finding a business consultant who can bring their level of expertise to the table, many are now also looking to figure out how to find a life coach who can help their with their work-life balance.

Because so many new entrepreneurs dive head on into their business, they tend to overlook the importance of managing other aspects of their life and then become burnt out. Whether they stop eating healthy, spend less time with friends or family, or have a hard time managing the stress and pressure of running such a business, now more than ever these individuals are beginning to understand why its necessary to seek the assistance of a life coach who can help them work through all of this.

However, before you go out their and sign up to a coaching program, its important to understand that not all coaches are made equally. There are a vast variety of coaches on the market that vary from the type of training they have acquired, to the amount of hours they have worked, to other skill sets they bring to the table. If you are considering hiring a coach, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Training & Accreditation

Not all life coaching schools are the same. In fact, some are set up like fast food restaurants where they are churning out new students every weekend for just a few hundred dollars. While this does not necessarily mean the coach is not good enough to work with, it should be considered when you are making your evaluation.

Other Skills

These days, many of the life coaches are now trained in other methodologies such as NLP, counseling, therapy, nutrition, and so forth. Depending on what your goals are, it’s good to find someone who can bring other perspectives into their work that could aide you along your sessions.

For example, if you find that you could be weakened by old traumatic issues or have a hard time dealing with stress, finding someone who may also be a counselor or therapist could be of great benefit. The same is true if you are having a hard time losing weight and you decide to work with a coach who is also a certified nutritionist.


Because you are going to be spending many hours exploring intimate details of your life, it is a good idea to find someone that you not only feel comfortable with, but share some similar values. For example, if you are a devote Christian, there are Christian Life Coaches who would share your beliefs and therefore could align with them when working with you on helping you to move forward in your life.


While it can be an amazing experience to launch a successful business, it won’t be worth it if you have to sacrifice so much of yourself that you become unhappy or unhealthy. With a life coach supporting you along the way, they can assure that you not only reach your goals, but that you attend to all areas of your life so that you don’t become out of balance.

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