4 Perspectives for Making More Money

4 Perspectives for Making More Money

You aren’t going to meet very many people who think that the amount of money that they’re making is enough. Everyone wants to get that extra sense of ownership, of luxury, or even just of consistency beyond a certain standard of living. And to get there, there’s almost always a push to make more money.

So what are a few different perspectives that you can use to get this extra cash? You can look at it from the perspective of polished professionalism. You can try out some side hustles. You can look into crowdfunding as a possible way to get more financing for your ideas. And you can start meditating on the difference between needs and wants, so that money itself changes value in your mind.

Educated Professionalism

The most straightforward route to making more money is to get an education. People who have gone to college and got a degree make more money than those who don’t, almost across the board on a consistent level, especially inside the business world. It is not easy to get a college degree. You have to put time, energy, and money into it. But in return, you have many more options as far as getting significantly larger paychecks for the rest of your life.

Side Hustles

If you’re happy with your primary job, but you still want more money, you can work on your side hustles. After you’re finished at your day job, there are all sorts of other things that you can do to earn extra cash. Because you don’t need this extra money per se, that gives you a lot more flexibility as far as the time, content, and energy want to put into it. You can be more creative with your actions and intentions, and everything that you do make from your site hustles is just a bonus over your typical standard of living.


A relatively new idea when it comes to making more money for yourself comes from the concept of crowdfunding. Maybe you have an excellent idea for a product. Figure out how to get crowdfunded. Perhaps you just have a theory that you want to test out, and you need cash to give yourself the mental and physical space to do it. Again, put out a solid presentation, and see if other people will voluntarily pay for it. The worst that can happen is that people at large will say no. Other than that, there is no downside!

Understanding Needs and Wants

Sometimes making more money, especially from a business perspective, is not necessarily about getting more. Sometimes it’s just about adjusting your evaluation of your current circumstances. If you figure out how to minimize your wants and prioritize your needs, it will feel like you have more money without you actually having more stuff for more cash on hand.

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