4 Ways Digital Asset Management Software Helps You Control Your Brand

4 Ways Digital Asset Management Software Helps You Control Your Brand

Modern marketers have to continually be updated on the latest technology trends to know how reach their customers and create the best possible customer experience.  Today marketers need to figure out how artificial intelligence will fit into their marketing tool set. A few years ago social listening and marketing automation was all the rage. The trends may change, but one constant in the world of digital marketing is that you have to have a system for organizing all the content that you create.

Content creation is expensive and time consuming, so it is important to get as much use from the assets we create. This is where digital asset management comes in. Digital asset management is a software that creates on central repository for all of your images, videos, sales materials, training guides – everything goes in one place.

Here are the 4 benefits of having a digital asset management platform as the backbone of your marketing technologies.

You can keep track of your digital assets

As an administrator of your digital asset software, you can control who accesses files, who can edit materials and who can view materials. These different permissions are great with internal creative teams and external partners and vendors.

Assets are Available anywhere

You can access files from your smartphone, from your computer as the library can be hosted in the cloud or in servers at your location – bottom line the files are wherever you need them to be.

Compatible with all major software 

A good DAM platform will have connections to all the software you use every day like Microsoft Office, Adobe programs and your Content Management System. When everything is connected, it speeds up how quickly creative teams, sales and marketing can find and share files.

Intuitive user interface

A digital asset management platform makes it easy to upload, modify and share digital assets from a single source. Everyone in your team can use it with no training, because it is very user friendly.

About the Author: Heather is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and digital marketing expert. She is currently getting her Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from HEC Paris and working for dam software provider Digizuite.



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