5 Logo Design Tips For Small Business Owners


5 Logo design tips for small business owners

A logo can make or break your business, and it is the first thing that a customer notices and will be judged and scrutinised anytime they make a purchase decision. This is especially true for the small businesses as they tend to face more significant challenges than others, along with the amount of competition that they have to contend with regularly to stay on top. This is where having a good logo comes in, and it is your first salesperson, customer representative and brand builder for any business. For any business big or small, a logo is a crucial part of the branding.

To avoid conveying the wrong impression to many potential clients, it is essential to carefully consider the logo and the message it sends when designing. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to design the best logo for your business and improve your branding.

Put it on paper

Its a digital age and using pen and paper might seem a bit old-fashioned. But, this is the best way of giving life to your ideas. A paper gives you the feel and a clear sense of what your design will look like in digital form. Once you are satisfied with the design on paper, then you can turn it into digital form. You can either do the designing in-house or outsource it to a good web design company who is well-deserved to design your logo just as you want it to be.

Research is the key

Research is a crucial part of any endeavour that you decide to embark upon, hence this must be the first thing you should do before implementing any idea. Unless you have years of experience in creating designs, start by gathering all the online and offline resources, such as looking at other businesses in your niche which includes there logo design. This will help you convert your thoughts of how you want your logo into a reality.

Avoid major cliches

This is one tip that is easy to say but quite hard to implement. Today, logos of many companies are cliches or even worse contradictions. Some of them are the lightbulb to signify ideas and other is lightning bolt for innovation and many more. These images are great but way too overused.

Understand what message you want to spread and then use a dash of creativity to design an appropriate logo. Design it in a way that the consumers get it and at the same time, it should distinguish you from your competitors.

A balance between minimalistic and memorable

It’s not always a good idea to play it safe and designing of a company logo is among one of those. A minimalistic logo is an excellent way to go, but you also need it to be in the memories of your customers for a long time. Think of brands like Nike, Airbnb and google that have a very minimal design. Less is more but also being distinct and eye-catching is really important.

Stick to it

Deciding on a logo is a long and tedious process for any company. So, after you have finalised the design and put in some final touches, you need to put your faith in it. Then it is time to stop yourself from making any further changes as it will only waste more time and money.

Designing your logo on your own can be a challenging task to accomplish, it is better to outsource to an internet marketing company that can easily overcome all the challenges and present you the perfect logo for your company.

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