5 Types of Outdoor LED Lighting to Have in Your Home

5 Types of Outdoor LED Lighting to Have in Your Home

For discerning homeowners who understand how artistic lighting can magnificently transform ordinary spaces and lend elegance and beauty to the exterior of a home, LED landscape lighting offers a wide range of bespoke lighting solutions that are also environment-friendly, affordable and long-lasting in comparison to conventional halogen lighting.

Underwater pool/fountain lighting

Underwater lighting can magically transform a water body in your home into a thing of tremendous beauty and charm. Waterproof LED lighting is a great way to light up your pool, fountain or waterfall if you’re not keen on using conventional harsh lighting which does nothing to enhance the mood of your outdoor space.

Because high-quality outdoor LED lights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and rain, underwater illumination is a completely safe way to bring your outdoor space to life once the sun has set but the party’s just beginning.

Landscape moon lighting

So called because of the gorgeous moon-lit effect this lighting technique gives to a space, moon lighting generally involves strategically installing weatherproof LED lighting on the trees or shrubs in your backyard, pathway, poolside, patio or front yard. The installers carefully choose the branches on which to place the soft, moonlight-white lights to achieve the desired effect of a moonlit night artistically illuminating your outdoor landscaping elements.

Pathway lighting

Path lighting is used to beautifully light up the walkway leading up to your home or garage, to illuminate the cobbled path around your lawn or to define the boundaries of your home. In addition to transforming dark exteriors into stunning spaces, pathway lighting also tremendously adds to the security of your home, allowing you, your family and your guests to feel safer both indoors and outdoors.

Driveway lighting

Illuminate your driveway and garage door with designer LED fixtures that give character to the façade of your home and create an ambience that reflects your personal style. Choose from high-quality carriage lamps, overhead lamps, spotlights, post lamps, or pave lights—the choices are endless and depend on the mood and ambience you want to create in your outdoor environment.

A gorgeously lit driveway is not only pleasing to the eye, it also provides added security to your home.

Outdoor art lighting

For connoisseurs of great art, appropriate lighting is an important element of displaying their beloved art piece installed on the front lawn, patio or backyard. Whether it’s a statue, a painting, a waterfall or a sculpture, you want your art to be visible during the evening hours and what better way to illuminate it than with specially designed LED lighting.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting in San Diego, CA is an art and a science that only a handful of outdoor lighting companies have perfected. If you’re looking to transform your living space with a high-quality LED lighting system designed by professional lighting designers and installed by experienced technicians, look for a landscape lighting contractor that has the know-how, the aesthetic sense and the experience to give you an exceptional product at affordable pricing.


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