Customizing Wristbands for Events- Collectible, Cool and Convenient

Customizing Wristbands for Events- Collectible, Cool and Convenient

Promotional and event wristbands are also commonly referred to as silicone or rubber wristbands although they can be made from several other materials. They have various benefits for wearers and event organizers. They are worn as fashion accessories around the world and can be used for promotional purposes as well. Wristbands are an effective way to secure events through a simple, fail-proof and comfortable system.


Organizations such as charities need to be able to promote their causes and spread the word. People make donations to charities can show their support and wristbands are the ideal solution. Aside from being great fashion accessories, they are useful as ice breakers during discussions and inspire conversations. They are suitable for major charities as well as smaller fundraisers and groups.


  • Many companies use wristbands to create awareness and advertise their brands. These are typically given away at conferences or exhibitions in the form of corporate gifts for employees and clients.

  • An effective band in terms of inscription, colors and customization increases the likelihood of it being worn frequently and subsequently receiving more attention.

  • Wristbands often feature company logos as well as meaningful and in-depth messages. They continue to be powerful marketing tools.


Wristbands are the perfect option for securing events. The days of attending festivals with messy stamps of ink on your hands are long gone. You no longer have to be tangled up in an ID card around your neck every time you go to a conference.

Wristbands are trendy, comfortable and discreet. They can be color coordinated if you require multiple accessibility layers to one event. With the variety of materials available, you can select the level of durability or security for the wristband you need.


Many people are familiar with the panic of a child getting lost temporarily at the swimming pool, camp site or beach. Children can be easily distracted when they are in an entertaining environment or while having fun. Zonal or ID wristbands can guide children back to safety quickly and they will be happy to wear them.


With an extensive range of color options and new materials, buyers are certainly spoilt for choice.

  • Spun polythene is used to make tyvek bands that feel and look like paper but are tamper-proof and durable. These types of wristbands are suitable for conferences that go on for one or two days

  • Vinyl bands are durable and offer more longevity. They are available in different styles and a vast range of colors. The level of security is high as they can only be removed by cutting them off.

  • For those who want to be fashionable while enjoying a high level of security, fabric wristbands are the perfect accessory.

  • A thermal band consists of the benefits that are linked to other types of wristbands along with the ability for printing on-site incase individual details need to be provided.

  • Party wristbands are great souvenirs for guests and enhance special occasions.

  • A tab wristband features a pull off tab, which is helpful when you have a multiple function or venue event.

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