Five Benefits of Good Web Design

Five Benefits of Good Web Design

Websites have allowed absolutely everyone the ability to grow a store, community, or audience from the comfort of their own home. Today that means people can partner with niche businesses and actually grow together by selling to a community they have built entirely online. Being successful online, however, is an entirely different ballpark. You aren’t just competing against those you share your neighborhood, as you would in a physical store, you are competing with every single company that has put its wares online. The challenges online exist in the attention market. You need to do everything you can to get the attention of users and keep it. To do that, you need great website design.

Lower Bounce Rate

The best way to determine how well your website is doing is by using Google Analytics. How analytics works is that it tracks users’ behavior on your site. One of the key indicators that you have a great website based on these analytics is that you have a low bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the number of people who visit your homepage and then click off. As Analytics can only determine the time spent on your site when they complete more than one action, this will result in a 0:00 time stamp on their visit. The only time this is not a bad indication is when you have a blog website where all of your content is on the first page.

Higher Engagement

Another sign of a great website is that you actually experience engagement. If you see people sharing your content, commenting on it, and liking it, you know you have a winning combination. Producing compelling and share-worthy content will encourage users to interact with it. The more they share or link to your article in question, the better your off-site SEO will be. This means that not only will you benefit from direct shares from user to user, you will also experience higher page rankings on search engines.

Higher Sales

An obvious sign of a great website is one that many people buy from. If they buy from you, you know that the process is easy, and that you have managed to display your products attractively enough to convince users to buy from you.

Professional Interface

Last but not least, you have a great web design when it is attractive, professional, and secure. Creating this winning combination of design and aesthetic is not easy, especially when you add an e-commerce section to your store. Hiring Shopify experts like Blackbelt Commerce can help you transform your e-commerce store and your website so that it hits the sweet spot for users and algorithms alike.

There are so many benefits of great website design and so many cons to not investing into your website at all. We live in an attention market, meaning that unless you can attract and keep the attention of your users, it won’t matter how great or compelling your content is. Aesthetics, design, and user experience matter, so ensure your website has all three.




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