Shining the Light on Solar – An Introduction To the Benefits of Solar Power

Shining the Light on Solar - An Introduction To the Benefits of Solar Power

We can always rely on the sun to come out tomorrow. Besides providing life for all living beings, solar energy has tremendous advantages and can make life on earth better for all of us and provide a cleaner, healthier planet for many generations to come.

Solar energy is harnessed from the sun’s radiation and it can be converted into electricity or heat to provide us with a clean and efficient energy source for homes and businesses. In recent years, there have been huge advances in solar technology and it is being utilised more and more across Australia as a viable and cost-effective energy source. There are many reasons why solar energy is proving to be a popular choice, not just for the environment but for your wallet too.

Continue reading to learn about the benefits of solar power and how you can utilise this powerful renewable source of energy going forward.


The more energy you produce through your solar panels, the less you will need to buy from other energy suppliers. With a solar system installed, you can reduce your electricity bill by up to 90% and not have to deal with excessive energy bills each month. The exact amount you will save depends on factors such as the amount and the time of day the electricity is used, size of your solar system, your storage, the direction the roof faces, how much sun the house is exposed to and other factors. For most homeowners, even being able to reduce your energy bill by 30%, 40% or 50% would be a significant saving and certainly something worth exploring.

Increase Your Property Value

Installing solar panels increases the value of your home. Research has shown that the general public prefers homes with solar installations because of the lower cost of electricity and a favourable image of solar power with the Australian population. In fact, the research shows that 75% of renters would pay more to lease a home with solar panels installed, while for those looking to sell, homes with solar panels sell 20% faster compared to those without it.

Help Combat Climate Change

How we produce our electricity is one of the key things we need to address if we want to help our planet to heal. Considering climate change and its effects in Australia, such as the temperatures increasing by 0.7degrees in the last 50 years, it’s important to be part of the solution and not the problem. Taking steps that have a positive impact on our environment will lead to a more positive future for generations to come. Since, solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, unlike other energy sources, it’s a great first step that most homeowners and businesses can take.

Considering the effects of climate change and the impact it may have in the future, it is wise to have an energy source that we can rely on. Home solar systems are independent of big corporations and energy systems that can be affected by bad weather. Being autonomous through the use of solar power can help you to take care of your energy needs no matter what might happen in the future.

Switch To Solar For a More Positive Future

Solar energy has many benefits that will lead towards a more positive future for our planet. You can make changes that will not only save you money and improve the environment around you but will have a lasting impact for future generations. The world is embracing solar power for a more sustainable, greener and cleaner future. Help to protect the planet and enjoy the many benefits of solar energy going forward.

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