The Notion of SMS Marketing For Non-profits

The Notion of SMS Marketing For Non-profits

The field of SMS messaging is something not very popular among businesses these days. People have so many other promotional ways to market their brands and services, making them lower their thoughts towards SMS marketing. Whenever businesses are planning to create multi-channel strategy, SMS always forms a major part to it. But the growing reason behind people not using SMS is mainly because of a misconception that it involves pretty amount of money. Well, the truth is completely the opposite! In terms of reality, SMS marketing seems to be a lot easier and will offer some greater brand, reaching to any end customer.

Proven way to gain success:

SMS marketing is probably the easiest way to reach not just to non-smartphone users, but even some smartphone ones. For better ideas and requirements, there are some pivotal advantages waiting for you to grab. Go through these steps to know more about SMS marketing and its importance right now.

Best way to increase customer engagement:

SMS helps in providing brand with some new ways and opportunities to engage with customers. The main mistake they often make is sending same messages all over again. This can create a whole lot of frustration among customers as they fail to add some values to their lives. Customers are going to highly value news, updates and promotions, which might offer some relatable value. So, it is vital to differentiate SMS marketing with email based marketing for nonprofits. SMS helps in providing smaller space for sending message. So, avoid sending anything lengthy to customers.

For some valuable customer insights:

One major thing that the marketers are focusing on nowadays is using SMS for procuring customer feedback. You can easily run some surveys and polls to procure opinion of customers. Different types of researches as done on responsive level from customers are around one-third of the entire audience. Most of these users will actually get back within a span of 5 minutes of receiving SMS. It will help in procuring an instant marketing research results once you have SMS by your side.

SMS integrates well with other marketing channels:

For maximizing SMS marketing based campaign benefits, you might have to create a proper marketing mix. Well, you cannot deny the ability of SMS to deliver proper results on its own. But, for enhancing results, you have to integrate some of the other marketing channels for augmenting results including social media and email. SMS can further work hard to support major mediums for some quality results. Let’s take an example for better understanding. Customers will get alerts and notifications whenever any new email campaign or any other communication is out through SMS.

Simplification of responses through short codes:

SMS makes it way easier for customers to not just send but receive communications. For that, you have to develop some short codes for various forms of SMS messages. If you want, you can even play around with keywords in marketing advertisement, brand related communication and more, even in print medium. So, it clearly proves why SMS marketing plays such a big role nowadays.

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