Things to Consider When Uploading Your CV On an Online Job Portal

Things to Consider When Uploading Your CV On an Online Job Portal

Jobs, Jobs and Jobs. Online job portals are an easy way to get your dream job with just a few right things on your CV. Whether you are a fresher looking for the right corporate start or an experienced professional planning for the right switch, online job portals are the right place to be.

Listed below are some of the important things to keep in mind when uploading your CV on an online job portal :

Check for Verified Job Portals

Primarily, look up for some of the potential and genuine online job portals. Do a thorough research by visiting the portal. Although do not just blindly believe everything written on the site. Check if the job portal is verified and licensed to get recruiters on board.  Look out for a campaign-based volume recruiter like Amberjack. Also do not get lured away with catchy ads and content.

How to spot a fake job offer :

  1. A vague Job Description
  2. Profile Discrepancy
  3. No Contact Information of the recruiter
  4. Involving money transfer
  5. Involves confidential information

We are sure you would not like to deal with a fraud online portal dealing with fake recruiters on board, and therefore, it is always advised to check the authenticity of the job portal before registering yourself on the website.

Tailor Right Keywords in the CV

Online job portals do not work with the idea of scrutinising every data on their server, and therefore, putting up the right keywords according to the job requirement is a must. Once the recruiter finds out that you are interested in the job role, he/she will run your CV through an automated software looking for a specific keyword. Depending upon the results, the recruiter will inform you likewise.

How to choose the right keyword :

  1. Firstly, look at the company’s website, research on their services
  2. Secondly, look for an alignment between your qualification and the company’s requirement
  3. Lastly, Choose a keyword which perfectly fits in your CV. Put Up Your Updated Linkedin Profile

Modern online CV’s if added with an updated Linkedin profile prove out to be more impressive and efficient. Also, make sure the Linkedin profile is fully updated with all your qualifications and corporate details. You can also add a cover letter with your CV for an added information regarding your job requirement.  The number of Linkedin connections on your profile will speak a lot of your professional behaviour, and therefore, make the best use of your Linkedin account in your daily life.

Don’t Use Shorthands



Do not have a lazy approach towards your CV filling task. Fill in complete details with no shorthands. Always remember your CV is your paper personality in front of the recruiter, and therefore, invest a considerable amount of time when filling in your CV online. If you are using shorthands, For example: bcz instead of because or Asap instead of As soon as possible, you are already representing your lazy attitude towards work.  

Do not leave any section incomplete.



Imagine a recruiter opening up your CV to a blank section, well this will indeed not pose a right image of the candidate, and therefore, it is always advised to fill up all the necessary details in your CV. Also, never stuff too much information in a single document and more importantly when it is your CV. Keep it concise and brief.

Use a universal CV Format.



Keep it simple yet advanced. Follow a universal CV format and do not overdo it. If you are attaching a separate document of your CV make sure it is accessible on the portal. If the portal requires a PDF document, convert the CV into a PDF file before uploading it.

How to write a perfect CV

Writing a good CV comes with a lot of practice and good knowledge of writing.

Follow these points when writing a CV and we are sure you will attract a lot of recruiters flocking around your CV.

  1. Keep it genuine and real.
  2. Do not add unnecessary details
  3. Consider including a personal statement
  4. Follow a chronology
  5. Do not leave any gaps
  6. Always tell the truth
  7. Make it keyword friendly

These are some of the important points to be kept in mind when uploading your CV to an online job portal. Make the best use of the internet and find your dream job with just a single click. Follow the above-mentioned points when filling in your CV and uploading it on the portal and we are sure of some of the best results coming your way.


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