Top 5 Smartwatches Under 5000

Top 5 Smartwatches Under 5000

During the 90s our computers became smart. During the last decade, we were introduced to the smartphones. This decade our watches became smart as well. Maybe in the near future, smart cars will become popular. But today it is about the smart watches and this list will show you the best smartwatches that you can buy for less than ₹5000.

#1 Mi Band 2

The most popular Chinese phone brand in India also started to sell smart watches in our country a couple of years ago. The original Mi Band was so successful that they released it successor, the Mi Band 2 in June 2016 and it became one of the most popular smart wear in India.

Price: ₹2000


  • It comes with a 0.42-inch OLED display which is crisp and clear.

  • It has a standby time of almost 20 days.

  • It compatible with both the iOS and Android devices.

  • The battery capacity is 70 mAh and it goes from 0 to 100% in less than an hour.

  • It comes equipped with a pedometer, heart rate monitor along with the watch feature and an activity monitor.


  • It is unarguably one of the most affordable smart band on the market.

  • It is water resistant and weighs a mere 7 grams.

  • The features are just too good at this price.


  • The display could have been a little bit larger.

  • It doesn’t run on Android wear OS.


At the price of 2000 rupees, the Mi Band 2 is the most affordable smart band. It gives you a bang for the bucks and its pros outweigh its cons by a huge margin. If you want to buy a smart band on a budget then you should definitely go with the Mi Band 2.

#2 Noise Loop Lite

Mi Band 2 might not be a true smartwatch but you cannot say the same for Noise Loop Lite. The Nose Loop Lite might be on the higher end but one can use vijay sales coupons to grab it at a much cheaper rate. This smartwatch is one of the most gorgeous looking smartwatch on the market and in terms of look it gives a competition to the more expensive mainstream watches out there.

Price: ₹4000


  • It has a 1.2-inch HD touchscreen.

  • The built quality is excellent thanks to the stainless-steel case and the leather bands.

  • Supports both iOS (Hey Siri) and Android completely.

  • The watch has an excellent battery life of one week.


  • Full support for both Android and iOS devices.

  • The display is excellent at this price.

  • The build quality is excellent.

  • It is packed with features.


  • The color reproduction isn’t that great.

  • The watch doesn’t run the popular Android wear OS.

  • The battery life isn’t that great.


The Noise Loop Lite is a very nice option if you want a smartwatch with lots of features for a bargain. The fact that this watch company isn’t that well known in India means you will have to go through hell if anything goes wrong. So, it is a great choice if you can take good care of it.

#3 Alcatel One Touch Smart Watch

It is one of the early smartwatches which made their way into the market during the early stages. It is not one of the most feature packed watch but coming from a subsidiary of legendary Mobile company Nokia alone makes it one of the sturdiest watches on the market.

Price: ₹3999


  • The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  • It has a great app for keeping track of your activities.

  • It weighs just 55gms.

  • It has a 240 mAh battery which lasts only a couple of days.

  • Custom wallpapers can be applied to the watch face.


  • It was one of the most economical watches that was compatible with iOS.

  • The watch is water resistant which means you don’t need to worry about rain or accidental splashes.

  • The watch is sturdy and notifications work great along with the activity trackers.

  • It comes with a built-in heart rate monitor.


  • The inbuilt charger strap means that you cannot replace them.

  • The charger strap is reported to fail quite easily.

  • The rubber and plastic design makes it look quite cheap and unappealing.

  • Only three watch faces are available at the moment.


I have personally used this watch and I would recommend it if you want a budget smartwatch for your iOS device. The watch is sturdy and the functions are enough if you aren’t a tech savvy. The price of the watch isn’t that high but if you spend a bit more then you can get better watches with lots of additional features.

#4 Pebble Classic

This was one of the most popular smartwatches on the market during the infancy period. The Pebble Classic was and is one of the most affordable smartwatches since its release. It might not be the best watch on the market but the features it lacks when compared to the modern watches make it unique and popular.

Price: 6000 (Get it for less than ₹5000 on using vijay sales coupons)


  • The watch is waterproof which means you can even swim wearing it.

  • The watch has lots of downloadable apps.

  • It has an excellent battery life.

  • The watch has a 1.26-inch e-paper display.


  • It has a dedicated app store for the apps.

  • The e-ink display might not be color but it is legible even in bright sunlight.

  • The battery life of over a month is just insane.

  • It works great with both the iOS and Android.


  • The display isn’t touchscreen and you need to use the buttons on the sides.

  • It can only store eight apps at a time.

  • The watch is no longer supported as the company is now defunct.


It would have been the best smartwatch on the list if the company wouldn’t have been closed. This means that the user will have to solve any issues on their own or take help of the other users. The watch was one of the best watches of its time but sadly it isn’t a great option in today’s market. I would suggest you go for other watches if you want more features.

#5 Noise Loop

Noise Loop is the big brother of the aforementioned Noise Loop Lite. Apart from a better display, bigger battery, and a couple of additional features it is similar to the Lite variant. In terms of build quality and aesthetics, it is the best watches in this price range.

Price: ₹5000


  • A 1.3-inch Full HD display provides a clear and sharp view.

  • It comes with a brushed metal case and silicone strap which look quite impressive.

  • It has a great array of fitness tracking features.

  • The notification features support not only SMS, calls and emails but third-party apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Uber, etc.

  • It supports calling feature as well.


  • Excellent display quality.

  • Great Battery life of over 20 days.

  • The watch looks and gives a premium feel on hand.

  • Siri integration at this price is an excellent feature.


  • The lite version gives the same features at a cheaper rate.

  • The watch doesn’t support Android wear OS.

  • The number of apps is limited.


This is the best watch you can get if your budget is ₹5000. The features and notifications system is excellent at this price and if you are not too enthusiastic about smartwatches but need one for having a quick glance at the notifications without pulling out your phone then it is an excellent choice for you.


Smartwatches have become quite popular in our day to day life. It isn’t possible for everyone to buy the latest Apple Watch or the Android Wear certified watches which cost as much as a mid-range smartphone. But the growing need to have a quick glance at the notification without the need to pull out the phone calls for the need of these smart devices and as long as that it the main purpose of the smartwatches the watches in the list above will work just fine.

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