Top Advantages of Wireless Charging in the Workplace

Top Advantages of Wireless Charging in the Workplace

In the last decade or so, smartphones have become an important part of our lives. Employers have also accepted their presence and have actually found a way to harness the personal devices of the workforce for productivity gains. Custom mobile applications are now being created by almost 40% of the employers for specific business processes. There are a wide variety of tools that allow employees to get legitimate work done even when they are not at their desks. Flexible working environments flourished thanks to Wi-Fi, but this flexibility is still somewhat limited due to power. In order to solve this dilemma, wireless charging technology has been introduced.

Cutting the cable and going wireless for charging your devices can allow businesses to reach a new dimension of convenience and workplace productivity. Some of the top benefits of wireless charging in the workplace are highlighted below:

Increased productivity

For a long time, employers were concerned that the use of smartphones in the workplace could impact productivity negatively. However, statistics indicate that these devices actually help in adding at least one hour of productivity on a daily basis. This is mostly because the use of mobile devices can help in boosting efficiency by nearly 34%. While these are some serious benefits, they are only as good as the battery life of the smartphones in use.

Wireless charging makes charging mobile devices very convenient for employees because it eliminates the hassle involved in traditional charging. No wires have to be used and now a number of wireless charging applications can be found that enable employees to charge their mobile phones with ease. For instance, Powermat wireless charging solutions can now be integrated in a wide array of services such as the office desk. Hence, employees only have to place their phones on the desk for it to start charging.

This ensures that when employees get up from the desk, they will have more power and will be able to move their mobile phones with ease. It also allows them to work on the go, which is again time-saving and can increase productivity.

Common area utility

Cable chargers can easily be used when an employee is just sitting at their desk, but staying powered in cafeterias, breakout spaces or conference rooms is easier said than done. Deploying wireless charging solutions in these areas is also beneficial because it prevents employees from running back to their desks to find a charger. Previously, charging cables were provided, but they looked unsightly, had to be changed frequently and also involved tripping hazards. Wireless charging, on the other hand, is a safer, simpler and more attractive option.

Find employees easily

In flexible working environments, employees don’t have fixed desks and locating them can seem difficult. Here again, wireless charging solutions can help as a corporate mobile app can be used for tracking the wireless charging data, which is helpful in locating employees.

Thus, wireless charging can benefit businesses and organizations as a whole and are expected to offer further benefits in the future.

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