Why Choose Steel Structure Over Wooden Construction

Why Choose Steel Structure Over Wooden Construction

Normally, the first image that comes to our mind when we hear the term ‘Metal buildings’ is of the boxy structures of years past. In present time, however, there is an updated concept of these buildings which come in a bewildering assortment of designs and structures. Used as schools, offices, car dealerships, storage buildings, churches, offices, and commercial facilities, steel buildings can be constructed with a viable design option at the best price.

For many years, tradition has held to construct equipment storage buildings, agricultural structures, etc. with high quality wood. Although, there may be an air of longing for carpentry, the idea of steel buildings comes with many benefits over traditional wood construction. Of the lots of advantages metal holds over wooden building is its fundamentally extended lifespan that persuades many people to look no further.

Here are some of the top advantages of using steel based buildings for a variety of purposes.

Resistance & Durability

Metal buildings are far more resilient to fire and can endure the unforgiving temperatures as well as hard elements than standard wood constructions can. Steel can last for a longer period of time and withstand against the extreme changes in natural environments. While rain, sleet, hail and wind can easily cause damage to even the strongest wood type, steel construction using an arch wall design are established tougher than wooden buildings. They even provide maximum strength rating against violent thunderstorms and severe weather.

Easy to Construct

The amount of time and labor needed for the construction is significantly less when compared to wooden structures. Whether you need to build a steel garage building or a church, there are many pre-fabricated building structures that are designed for easy and simple on-site assembling. Most construction plans can be completed within a few days and with a nominal amount of equipment. Wood constructions on the other hand, require skilled labor and are significantly time-consuming processes to accomplish.

Variety of Construction Purposes

Steel structures are immensely popular among professionals from different industries.  For example, individuals intending to set up a storage business can obtain a range of different designs and sizes of a pre-engineered storage building from a reliable company. Depending on your requirements, these structures can help you with storing almost anything from cars and boats to figurines and furniture. Furthermore, they can be covered with traditional building material like siding, stucco or bricks to give them a conventional look.

Cost Effective

Even though steel constructions are slightly more expensive than wooden buildings, they are more energy efficient and need less maintenance. There are various benefits such as lower assembling hence lower labor cost and lower insurance costs because of lower risk of fire. You can also purchase pre-engineered buildings for commercial purposes such as storage or garage even when you have a limited budget. Steel framed buildings such as a pre fab garage or farm storage structure are light, inexpensive and more flexible than structures built out of other materials. Since steel panels can easily be erected without as many support pillars as other types of contractions, they are ideally best for the structures with enormous space requirements.

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