7 Actions Steps to Sustained a Workplace-Related Injury

7 Actions Steps to Sustained a Workplace-Related Injury

If you’re working in a dangerous environment, an injury is always around the corner, even if you’re doing your best to prevent it from happening. A single moment of distraction is often enough for the grim scenario to unfold. Panicking is a natural reaction to it, but you should strive to regain your composure as soon as possible and follow the action steps that we’ve prepared for you:

1. Get yourself out of there

Whatever caused you harm could lead to further injuries if you don’t remove yourself from the area of danger (and do it promptly). You can also attempt to deal with the danger head-on if it makes sense in the given situation (like turning off the machine, for example). That way, you’ll reduce the chances of someone else getting hurt.

2. Tend to your wounds

Examine your body to determine the scope of the damage. If there’s a first aid kit nearby, grab it and tend to your wounds. If the pain is too much to bear, there’s no shame in calling for help. In fact, you should have someone near you in case the injuries get out of hand – given the circumstances, passing out without having anyone see the state you’re in is the last thing you’d want.

3. Get your injuries checked by a doctor

This will make sure that your injuries end up healing properly. If the medical professionals determine that you need further treatment or surgery, heed their advice. As an added plus, visiting a hospital will ensure that your injuries are properly documented.

4. File a report of the incident

You should do this sooner rather than later (while your memory is still fresh). This will serve as the basis upon which you’re going to be applying for workers’ compensation later on down the road, as well as any impending legal action.

5. Contact an attorney

Even though this step is completely optional, getting in touch with an injury lawyer will ensure that the proper formal procedure is followed at all times. If your injuries turn out to be a direct result of someone else’s negligence, this step should not be left out of the equation.

6. Apply for workers compensation

Should you determine that legal action won’t be necessary, go ahead and apply for workers’ compensation. This will cover your injury-related expenses, no matter who’s at fault.

7. Seek the necessary education

Ideally, you want to prevent the likelihood of having to go through anything similar again. Therefore, studying workplace safety (or anything you deem relevant) will make it less likely that the misfortune of being injured at work ever befalls you again.


These steps are always good to have somewhere in the back of your mind, so if anything like this ever happens to you, you’ll have a good idea about how to proceed. Remember, securing your own health and safety is the first thing on the list, and – given that you’ll likely be in pain – it’s probably the hardest step to take. You can take care of the legal matters after the dust has settled. As long as you’ve made sure to document everything, you shouldn’t be running into any problems.

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