Apple Launches Biggest iPhone Yet

Apple Launches Biggest iPhone Yet

It is September, which means it is time for Apple Inc. to launch the latest iterations of its iPhones and that’s exactly what you have done. The company has introduced its largest iPhone yet along with a new line of watches that carry the functionality of detecting heart problems, as it is looking to get users to upgrade to more high-end devices in the face of stagnant worldwide demand of smartphones. After last year’s major overhaul in the form of the iPhone X, investors were widely expecting the smartphone maker to make only small changes to its lineup. This sent the shares of the company down by 1.5 percent.

The strategy has proven to be quite successful as Apple was able to see a boost in its share price by nearly 30 percent this year. As a matter of fact, the iPhone maker became the first publicly traded US firm to reach a market capitalization of $1 trillion. According to analysts, this drop in share value is quite consistent with previous releases of the iPhone. It is the norm to see short-term sell, but things eventually do get better in the time ahead, especially with a holiday sales season coming up that will probably be strong.

The new phones that Apple has introduced are the 5.8-inch XS, which is priced at $999. The largest iPhone to be launched as yet is the XS Max, which boasts one of the biggest screens in the market and is about 6.5 inch. The price of the device is $1,099. The ‘S’ suffix is used by the company when it maintains the exterior of the phone mostly and decides to go with upgrades to the components. A major redesign had been done last year when Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone X, which is pronounced at ten. One of the surprises at this year’s event was the company’s launch of a lower cost iPhone.

This model boasts a screen of 6.1 inch called the iPhone XR, which is made of aluminum and carries a price tag of $749. It is quite obvious that the US smartphone maker is attempting to take advantage of a strong economy in the US, rising household wealth and low unemployment as it has introduced two models priced at $999 or higher. However, the company is also trying to reduce its reliance on smartphones for revenue. The company started its event by introducing the new Apple Watch Series 4 range that has edge-to-edge displays.

They are positioning the new watch as a more comprehensive health device, which will be able to detect an irregular heartbeat by taking an electrocardiogram. If it detects that the user is falling, it will automatically make an emergency call, which is a feature aimed at older customers. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they worked with Apple for developing apps for its new watch. They also added that steps were being taken for easing the regulatory pathways for firms that are interested in developing digital health products.

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