Decoupling – The Future Of Production


To be fair, even though “decoupling” is certainly the buzzword of right now, it’s actually been a part of the shifting creative production landscape for quite some time. At the end of the day, brands are constantly seeking ways to optimise their marketing budgets and decoupling is a great option for encouraging this. Not only do marketing managers take greater control of their message but it also provides more efficiency and transparency throughout the creative production process. But first, what is it?

Decoupling in this context is when a brand begins to outsource their creative production functions away from the traditional creative agency and begins to partner one-on-one with several specialist, bespoke production providers. This “provider” could be a range of entities, from a specialist agency of social media content creators or working directly with micro influencers on influencer marketing campaigns that are specifically in their wheelhouse and targeted to their audiences.

If you speak to almost anyone in a creative agency, they will admit that one of the biggest challenges is always being able to pivot quickly enough to meet a client’s ever-changing needs in the digital landscape. Being the one-stop shop for ideation, production and media buying has just become too cumbersome and expensive.

That’s why one of the first things to be “decoupled” from this traditional relationship between brands and their creative agencies was the media buying process. This is now already accepted as something you would approach a specialised media agency to do for you. However, what we’re seeing now is the decoupling of “production” from these traditional agencies too.

While creative agencies still remain the custodians of the big ideas for many brands, the actual “rollout” of these concepts is often disseminated to a range of content producers and influencer marketers. This means there is greater reach for campaigns across multiple channels and at dramatically cut costs, as well as with much, much quicker turnarounds.

However, this doesn’t spell doom and gloom for creative agencies at all. That’s the true beauty of decoupling this production process and beginning to outsource to an influencer agency or social media agency – or even just an execution agency. Marketers are now able to work with any creative enterprise, from a collective to an individual creative, regardless of their production capabilities, global footprint or media discipline. In essence, providing even more creative freedom in the marketing landscape within Australia and around the world at large.

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