Does Your Firm Need Help From An LPO

Does Your Firm Need Help From An LPO

The daily hustle and bustle at a law firm can be overwhelming. If you’re a lawyer who works at a firm – even if you’re a paralegal, assistant, or intern – you know better than anyone how the work can pile up – and fast! An unexpected development in even a single case can mean that the lion’s share of your resources might need to be diverted in a moment’s notice. At times like these, it’s best to take stock of said resources and consider how best to approach the situation. More and more law firms are turning to legal process outsourcers (LPOs) to help them during these times of need.

Legal process outsourcers were once viewed as a cheap, quick fix alternative to hired legal help. Some believed that they were a last resort in a panic situation or a lazy way to pawn off the grunt work no one else wanted to do; in other words, not a viable or trustworthy work source. Whether or not this was true in the past is another debate, but these stereotypes are certainly no longer true of LPOs today. Most LPO firms these days are committed, hard-working, and professional. They are also contractually obligated to deliver service as good and as timely as any full-time legal help. They understand fundamentally that their reputations “live” online. If they deliver sub-par service to someone, you can bet dollars to donuts that it will be public information in no time!

Even the largest law firms are going to find themselves overworked from time to time:the entire staff is already burnt out but a high-profile new case is too lucrative to pass up; a pre-existing case just became unexpectedly bigger; sickness and maternity leaves have taken a toll on the workforce. The reasons you might need third-party help are endless. It is better to approach these situations on a case-by-case basis, rather than to burn out your staff or, worse, hire unnecessary full-time help. Yes, paying for LPO help now will cost you in the present, but it also means you’ll be saving money in the future. Overworking employees and spreading your resources thin are sure-fire ways to tank morale around the office. Remember: happy employees are motivated employees, and motivated employees are productive employees. Do not mortgage the future for moderate success in the now.

Legal process outsourcers are there, quite simply, to lighten the load. But they aren’tan easy Band-Aid fix. It is important to remember that LPO firms are held to the same high standards of regular law firms. Companies like downtown Toronto’s LexLocom have a reputation for delivering excellent and thorough legal help at a moment’s notice. LPOs like these understand that in our hyper-connected, modern world, legal servicesmust be tailor-made to fit your needs. As convenient to procure as an Amazon or Etsy order, but as reliable as the help from any established, traditional legal firm.

So don’t hire a new paralegal straight out of law school just because of a particularly busy stretch. The wave of the future is legal process outsourcing. While these specialized law firms might not have commanded much respect back in the day, that perception has changed drastically. Save precious time, money, and manpower by hiring reputable third-party legal help.

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